DIY Dazzling Pen Topper with Rachel Burke of @imakestagram!

If there’s anyone who really knows how to razzle dazzle an audience, it’s the talented and colourful designer, Rachel Burke. We’re avid believers that crafting is a form of meditation, and the more you do, the more positive impact it will have on your wellbeing which is why we’ve collaborated with Rachel to bring you this exclusive DIY Dazzling Pen Topper! It’s sparkly, slightly fluffy and is sure to add a little pizzazz to your everyday!


1 x Stunning kikki.K pen

Quick Dry Glue


10cm strip of tinsel fringe

1 x Small pom pom


1 | Apply a small amount of quick dry glue to your 10cm strip of tinsel fringe.

2 | Get your pen, and beginning approximately 4cm down from the base, glue down your fringe, overlapping the ends as you go.

3 | Apply some pressure to where you have glued the fringe and allow to dry.

4 | Apply some glue to the top of the pen base and glue on your pom pom!

5 | Allow to dry…

…and voila!  You are ready to dazzle all who you encounter with your tinsel pom pom Rachel Burke x kikki.K pen!