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At kikki.K, we see being organised as more than just ‘finding things quickly’ or ‘getting more done’. We believe it’s about improving the quality of our lives by saving time, freeing up energy for things that matter most, stimulating creativity and helping us feel good inside. If your workspace is organised, stylish and inspiring – your state of mind will be the same.

At our Organisation Workshops, we teach you an easy four step system to manage all the paper & emails in your life, as well as show you how to create an organised and inspiring home and office space.  We give you tips for common organisational challenges such as recipes and photos, and the key to improving your motivation on getting things done.

Discover the benefits of better organisation with a kikki.K Workshop


Some of the fundamentals we will explore in our Organisation Workshops include:

 A Place for everything, everything in it’s place

Everything needs a home or it becomes clutter (think about the piles of paper, catalogues, new items just bought, bulk groceries, blankets, furniture etc. that you have around your home today)

Keep things simple

The best organisation systems are so simple you don’t even have to think about them. Keep similar items together and store them as close as is practical to where they are most often used. A kitchen is an area where we tend to do this well, with food, dishes, cutlery etc. all in one place. Bring this simple and ordered system to everything else in your life.

Have the tools for the job

Having the right tools will help your system run smoothly. Our Workshops will teach you how to pick the right items for the task at hand, ensuring you get the best out of each one.

Cut down on paper work

The more paper (and clutter in general) you generate and want to keep, the more time you need to spend maintaining it. Less paper means less time maintaining it. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t let disorganisation rule your life.  Simply attend one of our Workshops In Store and let us help you find a simple system that works with your lifestyle, so that you can spend your time on the things you love and live your best life.

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