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We love taking inspiration from the words and wisdom of others. There’s always so much to discover, learn and put into action. That’s why we’re so excited to have worked with some of our favourite inspiring, globally-acclaimed personalities to create a collection of limited edition reading titles, in areas of Health & Wellbeing, Photography, Design, Food, Career and Business.

Discover the Life Is For Questions Collection and be inspired to explore in every area of your life with these limited edition reading titles

From best selling author and organisation guru Cyril Peupion to lifestyle expert Orianna Fielding, we’re thrilled to introduce exclusively designed reading titles created to help you live your best life. Choose the area you want to focus on and use the clear and inspiring tips to help you reach your goals.

“I absolutely love to read and always make time for it. But as we all live such fast-paced and busy lives, a lack of time becomes an easy excuse to opt out of it. Hearing this all too often is what inspired me to collaborate with a selection of inspiring people to create short and easy-to-digest, yet motivating and informative edits of their best advice – designed with love, the kikki.K way.”

Kristina Karlsson
kikki.K Founder & Stationery Lover


To help you find out more about each title, discover our Q&As with a selection of our authors below.

kikki.K Founder Kristina Karlsson
Life Coach Shannah Kennedy

Swedish Interior Designer Anna-Carin McNamara
Renowned Author Marshall Goldsmith
Leading Nutritional Biochemist Dr Libby Weaver
Best Selling Author and Coach Cyril Peupion
Digital Detox Founder Orianna Fielding
Photographer Mikkel Vang

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