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Writing in a Journal each day is a beautiful ritual that has so many benefits for your life and wellbeing. Taking the time to think about the day just gone is a great way to live with more mindfulness and to set your intentions for the future. Also the act of writing is sure to get your creativity flowing while helping you to explore new ideas and possibilities. To get you started we’re sharing some of our favourite Journal Prompts. Use them as thought starters for your journal and love the ideas they bring.

Journal Prompt - What is a great adventure you'd like to embark on? Think about how it would feel & how you'll get there.

What is a great adventure you’d like to embark on?

For this prompt, think about what adventure means to you. It could be an incredible around-the-world trip, it could be starting your own business or even starting a family. Sit and think about what this adventure would look like. How would you feel once you’d started? What about after? What would you need to do to make this happen one day?

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What’s your greatest achievement?

Now it’s time to look back for a moment. Think about something you’ve achieved that you’re really proud of. Perhaps it’s passing an exam or something career related. Alternatively it could be something family related, or a risk you took. Pause and remember how hard you worked to make it happen and think about what you learnt from this experience.


Journal Prompt - What does your perfect weekend look like?

Describe your perfect weekend

If time, money and distance were no object, how would your perfect weekend look? Would you set off camping by the beach or would you visit your favourite brunch spot and catch a yoga class? Sit and think about all the different elements your weekend would involve. What would you eat? Who else would be there? This is a great exercise for defining the things in life that make you happy. Now all you have to do is go out there and do them more often!

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