Discover our Favourite Gift Ideas for Her

Inspiring loved ones to see the beauty in every day and enjoy every moment big or small is one of the greatest gifts of all. Every day is an opportunity to turn something ordinary into something special. So this festive season, why not inspire someone to plan an incredible year ahead with these ideas?

Discover gift ideas for her at kikki.K

Paper Lover’s Book

In today’s digital world, there’s something beautiful about embracing the joy and tactile nature of DIY projects. From bunting to postcards, this beautiful book includes paper crafting projects to help her unleash her creativity every day.

A Beautiful Journal

We believe that taking a moment each day to reset and refocus can do so much to improve our wellbeing. Inspire her to reflect in a beautiful journal each day and encourage her to get in touch with her dreams, thoughts and feelings.

Discover gift ideas for her at kikki.K

A Planner or Diary

Giving someone the tools to plan a brighter year ahead is one of the best gifts we can think of. Whether you choose a beautiful Planner or a Diary to suit their style, they’ll love using this handy tool each day.

Discover gift ideas for her at kikki.K

We hope these gorgeous ideas help you bring the joy of gifting to your loved ones. Discover more gift ideas for her here. 


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