Discover better organisation with our Planner Workshops

Do you feel like you’re on top of things in your day-to-day life? Is each morning calm and in a set routine or do you often feel rushed and stressed? Even the most organised amongst us sometimes experience disorganised moments but our Planner Workshops are here to help you feel cool and collected no matter how busy you get.

Our Personal Consultants will help you decide whether a Planner or a Diary is best for you and then show you how to turn it into the perfect organisational tool. They’ll talk you through each step to setting up your Planner or Diary as well as share our favourite tips to better organisation. You’ll be encouraged to think about the components of your life and what you need to stay on top of before exploring all the benefits of better organisation.

Of course our workshops wouldn’t be complete without our love of great design. You’ll learn stylish ways to make your Planner or Diary beautiful and inspiring so you’ll be motivated to use it every day. Say goodbye to cluttered desks full of multiple to do lists and sticky notes and prepare to embrace a neat workspace, clear mind and a happier, more productive life.

For a taste of what you can expect and to get excited for your workshop, check out our latest Planner Customisation video on YouTube.

The Details:

Our Planner Workshops are $40 in Australia and $50 in New Zealand. Plus you’ll receive a special gift and 10% off any purchases made on the night. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. Find a Workshop near you here.

Feel free to bring your Planner or Diary along if you already have one but don’t worry, we’ll be providing everything else you’ll need.

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