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We love seeing how some of our favourite inspiring people are using kikki.K in their stylish lives. That’s why we’re thrilled to share Anneli Bush’s recent post on our new 10 Year Plan Book. We caught up with Anneli to see how she found the process of visualising her dreams and goals with this gorgeous book.

Anneli Bush

What did you learn about your dreams & goals by writing them down?

By penning it all down on paper, it made me really have to visualise and fully look into the future, and also really look at what my ultimate dream life looks like. From this, I discovered what truly matters to me – and what I really value and cherish for my life. And although not everything came as a surprise to me, it was a great exercise to really look at my overall vision on paper, which will no doubt help steer me in the right direction for the future!

Did anything surprise you & make you think differently about your future?

Nothing made me think differently, however I was pleasantly surprised that my ambition to continue to create, develop and build my brand was in full force, alongside building a family, and still prioritising health and nutrition (by taking that Yoga certificate and nutrients course!).

The Time is Now Collection

What are some core values that are important to you?

Family. Good health. Safety. Being my own boss. Exploring the world. Realising my dreams.

How has being organised helped you to get where you are now?

My organisation enables my effectiveness, which in turn means I can get a lot done when I really put my mind to it! When that said, things are consistently getting busier, which is making it harder to stay on top of things, so switching to an actual paper diary and really taking advantage of helpful organisations tools, has been a life saver. And I cannot live without my monthly overview planner, where I fit in all my blog content.

kikki.K 10 Year Plan Book

What is the one stationery piece you can’t live without?

A monthly planner with a full overview – so I can see everything clearly!

Feeling inspired? Start your 10 Year Plan today!

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