Discover 3 Ways with our Canvas Bags

We’re loving these fun and versatile Canvas Bags, which can be used for anything from storage to plants. Fusing classic Swedish prints with the latest homewares trends, they’re perfect for tidying up your desk and presenting all your favourite items beautifully. The iconic blue and white minimal prints bring a touch of Swedish inspiration to your surroundings.

Fold and scrunch your bag to customise the look and make it your own. Fold down the edges to create the perfect height for your items and then simply wash or wipe the bag down between each use. There are so many different ways to use these cute bags, but to get you started here are some of our favourite ideas…

Canvas Bag Pot Plant Holder

Pot Plants

Beautiful indoor plants are ideal for breathing some life and energy into your interiors. Choose interesting textures and colours for a gorgeously unique look. Simply place your entire pot plant in the Canvas Bag and you can even use rope or string to hang this from a shelf or hook. Just  remember to water regularly and add a little plant food every now and again.

Canvas Bag - Fruit Bowl


Tasty fruit is a great snack during the day to help boost your energy levels and make you feel amazing. Keeping a delicious selection of fresh fruit right on your desk means you’ll be more tempted to reach for a healthy treat.

Canvas Bag - Magazine Holder


If you love buying beautifully designed magazines, why not show them off by rolling them up and placing them in our Large Canvas Bag? You can effortlessly change out the magazines each month and keep your favourites within easy each.

Feeling inspired to add some Swedish homewares to your life? Discover our Svenska Hem collection here.

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