Decorate your Tree with DIY Paper Hearts

Decorating the tree is one of the most exciting moments for the holidays. In Sweden, we love to keep our trees minimal and stylish using Flätade Julhjärtan, or woven paper hearts, to add treats to our tree. Children will love opening them up to discover the goodness inside. You can discover your own paper hearts using the template from our Paper Lover’s Book, or by downloading yours here, putting them together with these instructions.

  1. Pop out each shape and carefully separate the strands. Fold each one in half.
  2. Weave the strands between and then over the opposite colour strand.
  3. Repeat with each strand ensuring they go through each other, leaving a space for the heart to open up once it is complete.
  4. Attach the paper loop using glue or Adhesive Dots.
  5. Add treats and place on your tree.

Discover our Christmas collection here.

Decorate your Christmas tree the Swedish way with this woven paper heart downloadable

Swedish DIY Paper Heart template

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