Decorate your Planner with our Favourite Accessories

We can never resist decorating our Planner with gorgeous accessories that not only look great but that help us organise too. Discover our favourite tips to turning your Peach Planner into a stylish organisational tool that inspires you to work harder and achieve all of your dreams.

kikki.K Peach Planner

Your Planner essentials

DIY Sticker Book
To Do List Pad
Printed Notepad
Glitter Taper
Wooden Pegs
Adhesive Dots

Have a place for everything

The great thing about using a Planner is that it’s the perfect tool for keeping all of your notes, documents, appointments and important information all in one place. Before you get started, take some time to set up yours in a way that will work for your daily routine. Use the Stickers to label each section and create DIY paper folders or the use the pockets from our Planner Dashboard Kits to keep any loose paper tidy. That way, every time you need something, you’ll know exactly where it is. Make sure you have a weekly clear out, copying out any notes to streamline your Planner.

Decorate your Planner with our Favourite Accessories

Use a To Do List

The best days start with intention. If you have a clear idea of your upcoming tasks, you’ll find it so much easier to manage your time and focus on each one. Use our To Do List Pad to make a list of your daily tasks each morning and love the feeling of ticking them off one-by-one. Place the sheet in the front of your Planner so that every time you open it, you’ll instantly see your tasks. You can attach your To Do List by hole-punching or simply with a Wooden Peg.

Decorate your Planner with our Favourite Accessories

Inspire yourself each day

There’s nothing in life that can’t be made even better with Stickers. Our DIY Sticker Book is filled with over 200 beautifully designed Stickers and Tags, which you can dot around your Planner to decorate. Use them to mark important dates or just to inspire you to live your best life. We used a sheet from our Printed Notepad and our Glitter Tape to create an inspiring divider tab.

Feeling inspired to decorate your Planner, discover our Planner Accessories and Refills.

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