Decorate your Planner and Make it Oh So Fun!

Who says getting organised can’t be fun? With accessories these cute, planning your days is a joy. Be inspired to create a planner set up that works for you, then add pretty tools to make yours oh-so-unique. Watch our video below for some of our favourite ideas to help you not only organise but also write more letters!

You’ll Need…

Leather Personal Planner
DIY Sticker Book
To Do List
Adhesive Note Set
Planner Accessory Kit
Rotating Stamp
Magnetic Page Markers
Mini Erasers
Paper Lover’s Book
Everyday Gel Pen
Gel Stickers
Inspiration Kit

Letters Are Better Planner

Set up your Front Tab

Make sure that each time you open your planner that you’re greeted with gorgeous inspiration. Add your key priorities to the notepad in the front pocket, then decorate with little bunting flags and and stickers. Don’t forget to store cards and envelopes in your large pocket so you always have them to hand.

Letters Are Better Planner

Organise your Calendar Pages

Be sure to organise your days by using stickers to mark important dates, appointments and reminders. We then used the pocket from our Planner Accessories Pack to store cute little cut outs for daily use. Complete the look with a Magnetic Page Marker.

Letters Are Better Planner

Write a Letter Check List

We used our Slim To Do List Pad to make a note of all the letters we wanted to send. A cute cut out and Wooden Peg is perfect for attaching this to the divider tab. Then use the clear pocket from our Accessories Set to store as many letters, cards and stamps as you’ll need.

Feeling inspired? Be sure to share the #kikkiKPlannerLove with us and leave a comment below to tell us how you’re decorating your favourite planner.

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