Decorate your Planner and Embrace Creativity

Creativity starts with taking a risk to think differently and experiment with new ways of doing things. That’s why we love this new We Are All Creative Planner and accessories, which have been designed to spark the inner creative in you. Use them to organise your days, reflect, brainstorm, store ideas and capture inspirations.

Here’s what you’ll need…

Leather Personal Planner
Planner Dashboard Kit
B5 Daily Notes Pad
DIY Sticker Book 
Paper Craft Book
Creativity Prompts
Tab Adhesive Note Set
Adhesive Dots

Be inspired to decorate your kikki.K Planner

Step 1: Get Organised and Get Started

Making time to be creative starts with ticking off the ‘high-impact’ activities you need to get done. Write them down on your to do list so you don’t forget a thing. Then make a list of your daily creative habits as a reminder to put time aside to think outside the box, explore inspirations and do things differently.

Be inspired to decorate your kikki.K Planner

Step 2: Schedule in Creative Time

Creativity thrives on inspiration, so be sure to set aside time to visit galleries, research trends, paint, draw, journal and more. We used our DIY Sticker Book to decorate and organise our schedule. We then created a cute page marker with the book mark from our Paper Craft Book.

Be inspired to decorate your kikki.K Planner

Step 3: Challenge Yourself

We love these Creativity Prompts, which include questions, thought starters and challenges to help you think differently. We created a simple DIY holder using a sheet from our B6 Printed Notepad, then stored a few to inspire us throughout the week.

We hope these simple ideas inspire you to decorate your planner and make more time to get creative. Discover the collection here.

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