#22: Dan Churchill – Building Your Personal Brand, Living Your Passion & Eating Well with The Healthy Cook – Your Dream Life Podcast

Kristina was lucky enough to grab a few moments with International chef, best-selling author, TV host, global brand ambassador, and all-round great guy, Dan Churchill, at his gorgeous Charley St restaurant in New York City.

Living his dream of changing the world through food, Dan’s passion and story is so inspiring. After wanting to visit Charley St for a long time, Kristina popped in on her last visit to New York and Dan simply would not let her leave without a chat. This episode is the result of that wonderful conversation!

You may remember Dan from his time as a MasterChef contestant, or perhaps you’ve read one of his best-selling cook books, Dude Food, The Healthy Cook or Surfing the Menu?

Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where an active lifestyle was the norm, Dan’s passion for exercise and nutrition led him to a career as a highly-regarded Health Coach before embarking on his incredible chef journey.

It’s no secret that Dan’s focus centres around friends, family and enjoying life. And his mission is simple:

To use food as a tool to bring people together and enrich their daily lives.

Now based in New York, he is regularly featured on Good Morning America and The Food Network, among many other TV shows, sharing his healthy food message to an audience of over 10 million people – not to mention his huge following on social media!

Very selective about the brands he represents, choosing only to work with companies that reflect his values and purpose, Dan is also a brand ambassador for QANTAS, Tourism Australia, Cobram Estate, California Almonds, Athletic Greens and Under Armour – just to name a few!

The perfect example of someone who is living and breathing their values, Dan has built his own brand, career and movement by truly following his passions.

In this wonderful episode you’ll learn:

  • How Dan discovered his purpose, changing direction after an injury led him to focus more on food and nutrition
  • How learning from like-minded people and professionals in your area of interest can open many doors
  • The importance of working hard and pushing yourself to take a leap in the right direction
  • The value of a morning routine
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who support you
  • Simple ways to live a healthier lifestyle
  • The importance of learning from your mistakes
  • The power of sticking to your values, and so much more!


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“One of the things I truly related to in Dan’s story was how, when he was just starting out in his career, he approached a range of chefs and worked for free to gain the knowledge he needed to pursue his dream. This is something I also did when I was first starting out – trying to figure out what it was that I was passionate about.” Kristina Karlsson

“Whenever I thought I’d come across a new passion, I’d learn as much as I could and gain as much experience as I could by volunteering in those areas. And I discovered, as Dan did, that when you share your dream with others, they will generally do anything they can to try and help you.” Kristina Karlsson


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Don’t forget to help up spread this inspiring message to even more people by sharing our podcast on social media with the hashtag #101milliondreamers