Customise your kikki.K Planner: Part One Live Bright Theme

Get organised in style with our gorgeous Personal Planner in lilac leather and discover how to customise your Planner the kikki.K way.

View this stylish Planner come to life here and read on to discover how to recreate this look step-by-step.


kikki.K Personal Planner
• DIY Sticker Book
• Quote Cards Set of 12
• B5 Printed Notepad
• Adhesive Note Set
• Sticker Sheet 2pk
• Adhesive Note Gem
• Kontor Rollerball Pen
• Adhesive Dots
• Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set
• Scissors

kikki.K Planner, Stationery and Accessories

kikki.K Planner open at Dashboard


In your kikki.K Planner you’ll find handy pockets to keep you Adhesive Notes, Stickers, Adhesive Dots and any other bits and pieces for on-the-go customisation and organisation. Add a little stylish shine to your dashboard by using the Gift Tags from the DIY Sticker Book and slipping these on to the binder. You can write little notes, reminders or positive affirmations on them too.

We included one with ‘Do more of what makes you happy’ and ‘Drink 5 glasses of water a day’ as little daily reminders.

Don’t forget to customise your tabs with the included stickers!

kikki.K Planner open at decorated Divider #1


Turn to your next tab and choose your favourite Quote Card from the Quote Cards 12pk to centre on the divider. Then take a piece of printed paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and cut out two lengths to frame your Quote Card. Stick these down with your Adhesive Dots and let this gorgeous inspire you day and night.

kikki.K Planner open at Divider #2


For our section labelled To Do, customise the divider by adding a strip of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad on the left side. Then use the Adhesive Note Gem to add special tasks to the strip of paper. Tick them off as you go and add more when needed.

kikki.K Planner open at decorated divider #4


To customise your next divider, take a patterned piece of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and fold in half, securing together and to the divider with Adhesive Dots. Add framing stickers from your DIY Sticker Book to the corners and finish with the gorgeous gold heart and circle sticker from the DIY Sticker Book.

kikki.K Planner open with Receipts Pocket


We customised one of our tabs for expenses and thought the perfect addition to this section would be a stylish DIY paper envelope for receipts. Take a piece of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and fold in three keeping one section shorter for the opening. Stick the sides together with Adhesive Dots.

Using your Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set, stamp the word ‘receipts’ on to the front of the envelope. Then, stick to your divider with Adhesive Dots. Store your receipts in this handy envelope and at the end of each week or month, organise these into your Receipts Folder for easy reference when tax time arrives.

kikki.K Planner open with Tickets Pocket


Create another pocket for mementos such as tickets, memorabilia and any other extras you want to keep. Fold a piece of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad to make an envelope and secure the sides with Adhesive Dots.

Add a label sticker from your DIY Sticker Book to the centre of the envelope and use a gold Gel Pen to label it with ‘Mementos’ or ‘Tickets’. You can also use this pocket to collect bits and pieces that you might like to use to decorate your Planner. Keep them safely stored here until you’re ready to use them.

kikki.K Planner open with Quote Card on divider


Customise your final tabbed divider with a beautiful quote to inspire you daily. Create a stylish base by folding a piece of printed paper from your B5 Printed Notepad in half and securing with Adhesive Dots. Add a Quote Card in the centre then take one of the long border stickers from your DIY Sticker Book and cute this into small pieces to frame your Quote Card. Gorgeous!

How do you love to customise your planner? We want to know! What are you favourite products to decorate your planner in style? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. I cannot wait to get my time planner and the rest of the goodies i have ordered online! 🙂 It is part of my birthday present this year.
    I love the inspiration and the ideas i took from the video. Thanks for it!

  2. I just can not wait until the gold leather planner comes out, then I'm ordering as much as I can from this collection! So inspired to get organised! Great job once again kikki.K

  3. i am trying to buy all of this but the checkout button will not come up, i have no idea what is wrong and i really want to get everything before it goes out of stock, someone please help !

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