Create your own Journal Layouts with Lahe

We were so inspired by Lahe’s (@bluelahe) journal layouts on Instagram, we couldn’t resist asking her to share some ideas using our gorgeous Sweet Feature Journal. Read our Q&A with Lahe below to find out how she made these super cute designs…

Lahe used…

Sweet Feature Journal
Felt Tip Pen Pack
Adhesive Note Set
DIY Sticker Book

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How do you come up with your layouts & designs?

Coming up with a layout that I like and that suits my needs takes trial and error. When I first started, I experimented a lot and after a while I settled on some elements I’m comfortable with. I see these elements as modules that I can combine into creating new layouts that I know will work for me.

This is a really simple creative process that allows me to have the novelty of a new look while having the security of already tested modules. For example, the modules I use now for my daily layouts are the doodle module, the daily log module and the important weekly tasks module. I can change their design but the structure of each single module remains mostly the same.

Discover Lahe's Bullet Journal layouts at kikki.K

What’s inspiring you right now?

Creativity works in unintelligible ways, but knowing what we like can help. Right now, I’m fascinated by simple, almost minimalistic elements. I also really love doodles, especially floral ones, and the personal touches they give to my journal. So, I make sure my Instagram and Pinterest feeds has both. Having a visual board of the things we like is one of the best ways to be inspired.

Discover Lahe's Bullet Journal layouts at kikki.K

What do you love about creating your own journal layouts?

I love how it allows me to express my creativity and I love the most its flexibility. When I don’t like a layout anymore or I feel like that it doesn’t work in a certain period I can change it without problems. I also can add elements temporally, like a weekly calendar when I have a busy week.

How do you stay organised?

To stay organised and plan my days I use the bullet journal system, adapted for my needs. I have a year at glance page with my future log at the start of the journal and I also write down my goals for that year. When a new month is approaching, I prepare the monthly log/calendar and the habit tracker where I also track recurring tasks.

However, no matter how we plan, the most important thing is being committed to it. Having a personalised journal can give you that extra motivation boost!

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