Create your own DIY Paper Lanterns

This weekend is Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong, which makes it the perfect time to get crafty and create these beautiful DIY Paper Lanterns. They look so gorgeous hung around your space to make this special occasion, or simply to style your next birthday party or event. We used our Be Brave Wrapping Paper for a fresh take on traditional red lanterns.

You’ll need…

Be Brave Wrapping Paper
Be Brave Glitter Tape
Adhesive Dots

DIY Paper Lantern Template for Chinese  Mid Autumn Festival

Start by downloading our template, printing this out on plain white paper. Now cut out along the solid lines and trace the shape onto your Wrapping Paper. Cut this out and score holes on the dots. Use Adhesive Dots to attach the side and bottom tabs. Now cut a piece of string, tie a knot in one end and string through the holes on the top tabs. Fix together with another knot at the top and decorate with strips of Glitter Tape.

We hope you enjoy making your lanterns. Discover our Hong Kong stores and shop our Be Brave collection.


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