Kristina’s Guide to Creating a Positive Work Space

It’s so important to have a work space you actually enjoy using. I love being able to sit down at my desk in the mornings and feel ready for the day ahead.  That’s why I’m delighted to introduce our new Hello Yellow collection, which has been designed to add some fun, colour and positivity to your home or office.

Yellow is one of my all-time favourite colours and I feel like you can’t help but smile when you see it. Yellow is associated with so many great things; sunshine, optimism, inspiration, pleasure… among many others. We’ve also added some cute, playful words and taglines to the collection to really make you smile. To celebrate the launch, here are some of my favourite tips for adding some positivity with the Hello Yellow collection…

Hello Yellow stationery collection

Capture all those great ideas

Great ideas can happen anywhere! That’s why we designed our B5 To Do List Pad with plenty of space to scribble, sketch and get creative. Use the blank space to brainstorm your ideas and the printed list to prioritise tasks for the day ahead. I keep this Planner Pad on my desk and use a fresh sheet each day to help me focus and plan but also to help me capture bigger ideas and inspirations that pop into my head.

B5 To Do List Pad

Add some inspiration

Our Post Card Set is perfect for pinning to your Vision Board and bringing you joy all year round. I love those little touches that remind you to stay positive throughout the day. Every time I see them they help me refocus, stay calm and be in the moment. I also keep the rest of the pack in my desk drawer so I always have the perfect postcard to hand to send to people. I love putting pen to paper and writing to loved ones to catch up rather than texting or emailing.

Hello Yellow Postcard SetFeed your creativity

It’s so important to nourish your body and mind throughout the day. I love using our Small Bowls to keep healthy snacks like nuts and fruit on my desk. Having a beautiful way to present these encourages me to eat healthier even when I’m busy. And I use the other bowls in the pack to store paper clips and other little desk accessories so everything is neat, tidy and oh so stylish.

I hope the new range inspires you to add some freshness and a pop of bold colour to your every day. Discover it here.


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