Create a DIY Paper Bow

The best part of gifting is that fantastic feeling when someone’s face lights up. There’s something so special about celebrating important moments with a thoughtful and fun gift you know they’ll love. This gorgeous DIY bow is great for giving your wrapped presents the wow factor and the good news is that it’s super easy to create.

What you’ll need:

Mountains Wrapping Paper


Double Sided Tape

A Ruler


1) Start by wrapping your present with our Mountains Wrapping Paper with the orange side facing up.

2) Take another piece of Wrapping Paper and cut strips 2cm wide in the following dimensions: 3 x 25cm, 3 x 22cm, 2 x 19cm, 1 x 8cm.

Step 1

3) Next, take each strip and fold it in half to create a middle point. Take the end of the strip and fold it in a loop towards the middle point, securing with double sided tape. Repeat with the other end so that you are left with a figure of 8 shape. Repeat with each strip, leaving the 8cm piece aside.

Step 3

4) Taking the 8cm piece, create a loop and attach this using tape to the smallest layer to fill in the empty space in the centre.

Step 4

5) Now you’ll need to put your little figure of 8s together to make each layer of the bow. First, lay the 3 largest pieces together to create a 6 pointed star and secure together with double sided tape. Repeat this step with the 3 medium sized pieces and the 2 small pieces.

Step 5

6) Finally stick each layer together and attach to your wrapped gift for a beautiful and colourful decoration.

Step 6

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