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As we start to get a little way through 2016, it’s the perfect time for a check in with your goals, dreams and resolutions for the year. Because everything we achieve depends on how we manage our time, it’s also the perfect time to check in with our organisation and take a look at how we’re tracking with actually working towards these goals. Discover some of our favourite techniques for doing just that.

 1. Make time for the big things

You might already be planning out your work day or study calendar, but are you also putting time in your schedule for your larger goals for the year? Rather than letting all your time go to those little day-to-day tasks, make time for what really matters by writing these in your calendar too.

For example, let’s say one of your goals for 2016 is to lead a healthier life. That starts with setting time aside each week to organise and cook healthy meals, exercise a few times a week and for meditation. Using a diary or a planner is the perfect way to pencil in this time and also reflect on whether you’ve managed to achieve what you set out to.

Discover these great organisation tips to help your work day

2. Write everything down

It may sound obvious, but one of the things all really organised people have in common is a love of To Do Lists. Keeping a To Do List on your desk or in your diary or planner means you won’t forget a thing. You could even split your tasks into “now”, “later” and “someday” so you can categorise and prioritise easily.

3. Give up multitasking

Where did we all get the idea that multitasking makes us more efficient? Our brains actually work better when we cut out distractions and allow ourselves to focus on one thing at a time, especially if what we’re doing is creative or requires a lot of brain power. So why not try giving each task your full attention and forgetting about everything else until it’s done? This includes emails, which should only be checked 2-3 times per day rather than constantly. You might be amazed at what you’re able to get done when you allow yourself to give it your all.

Discover these organisation tips

4. Streamline your workspace

In the same way our brains work best when we focus on just one thing, a clean and ordered workspace can do wonders for our productivity. Make sure you have a simple and clear filing system for any paper work and don’t leave anything lying in piles to deal with later. Instead, action or file any documents or letters immediately, using folders or magazine holders to keep things tidy.

We hope these organisation tips help you plan your day and make time for what matters. Discover more organisation solutions here.



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