Challenge yourself to Go Offline with our New Book

Although we love spending time online browsing our favourite blogs and on Instagram, nothing replaces the joy that comes from unplugging and reconnecting with the world around us. Making time to go offline can help relieve stress, improve our relationships and spark our creativity. That’s why we’ve designed our Go Offline & Be Inspired Book. It’s full of ideas to help you turn off your devices and focus on the beauty that’s all around.

To celebrate this gorgeous new Book, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite offline challenges. We’ll be sharing a few more over the next couple of weeks and would love for you to join us in trying them out. To start us off, here is our first challenge:

Take this Offline Challenge - Create a physical Photo Album

Make a photo album rather than a digital album

You’ll need…

Go Offline & Be Inspired Book
DIY Album
Adhesive Dots
Instagram Prints or photos

One of the first things we do these days after a special event or holiday is to upload our pictures to Facebook. But as great as it is to share our favourite snaps, they’re so easily forgotten as soon as they slip down your newsfeed. Why not give your memories the special treatment they deserve and create a beautiful, physical Album that you can look over for years to come and even pass on to the next generation?

Before you start your album, think about the specific event or memories you want to capture. If it’s a holiday, why not gather tickets and trinkets from your trip to decorate your photos? If it’s to capture a special time in your life, for example the first year of your baby’s life, set yourself a goal and be sure to take and print photos the whole year. Use stickers to decorate and don’t forget to write in your book to give the memories even more detail.

Create a gorgeous customised Photo Album to celebrate special memories

We hope you enjoy this special challenge and the beautiful memories it brings. Don’t forget to explore our Create with kikki.K collection for more great photo album ideas.


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  1. Thank you Kikki.k – I am a traditional PAPER BASED scrapbooker and hope never to be lured into the digital age!! And, I’m hoping that the digital photo album people don’t cause the demise of the paper products currently available to Luddites like me!!

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