Celebrating Swedish Lucia

Each year as Christmas fast approaches, we love to celebrate the Swedish tradition of Lucia. Celebrated on December 13, this special day originated in celebration of the martyr saint Lucia.

Due to the long, cold and dark winters in Sweden, this celebration has transformed into a salute to the light and candles play a big part in the special day.

Across Sweden, in homes and schools, Lucia is chosen. The special girl wears a crown of candles and offers coffee, Lussebullar (Saffron Buns) and Pepparkakor (Swedish Gingerbread) to those waiting. All gather round to enjoy in the festivities and warmth together.

Have you celebrated Lucia before? What was your favourite part? Tell us below and find more inspiration for traditional Swedish recipes on the blog here.

Swedish Tradition Lucia

Swedish Tradition Lucia

Swedish Tradition Lucia

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