Celebrating Creativity with Nectar & Stone

Creativity takes so many forms. For many people who have built their own business or taken a risk to try something new, it all starts with an idea. That’s why we’re so excited for the next instalment of our inspiring video series. We’ve been asking some of our favourite people how they incorporate creativity into their everyday.

Dessert artist Caroline Khoo runs Melbourne-based business Nectar & Stone. For her, it all began with an eclectic mix of loves and inspirations, which inspired her to build a business doing something she loves. Find out how she takes her ideas from initial sketch to final design with our video.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity for me is a daily ritual of being inspired by people around me, visually my surroundings, and also self-expression. Creativity for me is not only expressed and shown through my dessert work, but it’s shown throughout my home, the way I may purchase flowers for friends and family, in the design and putting it together in the arrangements. I’m a very visual person, so finding things that I love and relate to are quite important because it continues that creative process for me.

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What does a day look like in the eyes of Caroline Khoo?

Typically the day starts for me with a morning ritual of watercolour or painting, something that inspires me from the morning, whether it be the skies or the flowers in the garden, but it’s all about colour for me. That sort of sets the mood in how I’m going to start the day. I also like to surround myself with trinkets and findings, flowers, books, beautiful stationary pieces, and often I’ll flat lay them out and put that on social media too. It inspires more creative energy for how I’m going to do my desserts through the day.

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What stationery item can you not live without?

My favourite stationary item would be the quote cards. I love that I can place them around the home and throughout my studio. They give a constant source of inspiration and motivation throughout my day.

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