Celebrating Creativity with Fakander

Our newest collection is inspired by creativity in all of its forms. We are all creative, whether we work in the creative industries or not. Creativity just means finding new ways of doing things and letting our imaginations run free. That’s why we’re so excited to present our new video series, which explores how some of our favourite people are embracing this concept in their daily lives. To start us off, we collaborated with Swedish yogi and blogger Fredrika (aka Fakander), to discover what creativity means to her.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity to me, means something new. It doesn’t have to be new to everyone, but at least new to me. It’s everywhere all the time, if you choose to see it. Even adding a new ingredient to your favourite breakfast. I guess creativity is the opposite of getting stuck.

What stationery item can you not live without?

I am addicted to planners and journals, in any shape of form. If I don’t schedule something into my day, I completely forget to do it. I need to actually write down when to practise, and cut out time in my day to do it. I always carry a notebook or planner with me to write down ideas, and what I need to do that day, including my practise.

Celebrate creativity with Fakander and kikki.K

Why did you start doing yoga?

I started doing yoga for the kind of mental side of it. I was studying in a new country away from my family and friends and it was kind of my way to just look inside and kind of calm down. Then I found the physical aspect of it and I got addicted to how good it made me physically feel.

Celebrate creativity with Fakander and kikki.K

Discover the We Are All Creative Collection

Thanks to Happy Melon, Fakander and lululemon for helping us to create this gorgeous video.

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