Celebrate World Book Day With Our Favourites

Here at kikki.K, our purpose is to inspire and empower you to live your best life every day – and we believe in inspiring you to dream, do, enjoy and share to help you achieve that.

Whether it be our travel tips, our favourite podcasts, or in today’s case our favourite reads, we think sharing is a pretty great way to help you learn, grow and continue to inspire you to live a life you love.

So today, in celebration of World Book Day, we wanted to share with you our favourite books from some of our most inspiring guests on Kristina Karlsson’s ‘Your Dream Life’ Podcast:

‘Front Roe’ – By Louise Roe

When Kristina caught up with Louise on her podcast, they spoke of the need to listen to and nurture our passions. In Front Roe, Louise provides tips and advice on the passions that have built her successful career – fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Right now is the perfect time to explore our passions, and if you’re wanting some hot tips on style, grab your copy of Front Roe. While you’re at it, follow Louise’s daily life, style and home renovations at @louiseroe and @louiseroehome for even more inspiration!

‘The Kindness Method’ – By Shahroo Izadi

Right now is the perfect time for us to shift our mindset and focus as best we can on treating ourselves with kindness, compassion and understanding. In Kristina’s Podcast Interview, Shahroo provided us with some simple tools and tips for changing habits and behaviours for the long-term, and how to start identifying the joy in every moment. Learn more of this – based on Shahroo’s personal experiences and studies – in The Kindness Method today, and focus on the positives during this unsettling time.

‘The Awakened Woman’ – By Tererai Trent

If ever we needed perspective on life and the inspiration for overcoming challenges and adversity, it’s now. The Awakened Woman will provide you with just that, and more. Tererai’s incredible story of overcoming adversity, and her drive and sheer determination (against all odds) to make her dreams a reality will have you hungry for achieving dreams of your own and overcoming any challenges that may be in your way. You can learn more about Tererai in Kristina’s Podcast interviews with her here.

‘Help Me!’ – By Marianne Power

Like many of us, Marianne’s bookshelves were full of dog-eared self-help books and guides promising to help her live her best life. For a whole year, Marianne (who is a self-confessed self-help junkie with shelves of dog-eared books promising to help her live her best life) vowed to test one self-help book a month, following its advice to the letter. And what a journey she embarked on! What would happen if she followed the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or really embraced The Power of Now? Could her life be transformed? This inspiring, funny and clever experiment has incredible story is a best-seller and is now available in over 26 languages! Discover Kristina’s podcast episode with Marianne to hear about her entertaining journey and how she discovered there’s no such thing as the perfect life.

‘Sober Curious’ – By Ruby Warrington

In Kristina’s podcast episode with Ruby, they talked of the importance of treating yourself with love and doing more of the things that make you feel great. In particular, they touched on the benefits living an alcohol-free life. Ruby’s ‘Sober Curious’ explores this further in a nonjudgmental, witty and warm way and may just be in the perfect inspiration you curb a habit that could have a profound positive impact on your life.

 ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ – By Kristina Karlsson

It would be remiss of us not to mention this beautiful book – particularly now, when so many of us have such a great opportunity to really spend time (at home) dreaming, or working on existing dreams. Kristina’s book gives us permission to dream without limitation. So whether it’s something that you want to happen next week, next year or in the next decade, this book provides you with the inspiration and methodology behind how to make those dreams a reality. You can download chapter one for free and hear Kristina take you through a guided dreaming exercise here.

Happy World Book Day, and happy reading!