Celebrate with our Baby Collection

Whether it’s your first little bundle of joy or your second or third, pregnancy and the first few months tend to feel like a whirlwind. Our super cute Baby Collection has been designed to help you organise and capture those precious memories. The collection is also full of baby shower gift ideas if someone you love is expecting. Get a closer look at some of our favourite pieces.

Celebrate with our Baby Notes Journal

Baby Notes

This handy Journal is perfect for mums-to-be. With 12 tabs covering everything from pregnancy appointments, shopping lists, baby names, gifts and parenting, it’s your go-to guide. Scribble down all of your ideas, notes and thoughts as you go and keep it with you at all times so you instantly have all your key information to hand.

Celebrate with our First Five Years Organiser

First 5 Years Organiser

When you’re a busy parent, anything that helps make life run more smoothly is very welcomed. This Organiser helps you arrange every aspect of being a parent from childcare to health and important contacts. Keep it somewhere everyone can access it easily and use it to store all your important documents and notes. After the first 5 years are over, you’ll love looking over it as a beautiful keepsake.

Celebrate with our Baby Keepsake Book

Baby Book with Keepsakes Box

Even though being a parent can get a bit stressful at times, it’s so important to celebrate and record the precious memories. Use this Baby Book to store keepsakes and photos and write down all your fondest moments. The cute quotes, designs and thought starters make it easy to create a beautiful keepsake that the whole family will cherish for years to come. On your child’s 18 birthday or even at their wedding one day in the future, you can present this lovely book as a completely unique and touching gift that shows just how much they mean to you.

Looking for more gorgeous keepsakes, gifts and organisation solutions? Explore the rest of our Baby Collection here.

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