Celebrate a Meaningful Christmas and #makethedayscount

God Jul! (Swedish for Merry Christmas!)

It’s so exciting to be counting down to yet another Christmas! I absolutely love it – especially the time leading up to the special day. The countdown is the perfect time to celebrate all those beautiful festive traditions we’ve grown to love, like selecting and decorating the perfect tree, putting pen to paper to send cards to family and friends, preparing our favourite festive recipes and spending time indoors wrapping gorgeous gifts as the snow falls outside!

This year, we hope to inspire you to make the most out of the Christmas countdown – because really it can be just as exciting as the day itself!  To help you celebrate a meaningful Christmas, here are some of my favourite ideas and we’d love you to share yours with #makethedayscount.


Kristina Karlsson

kikki.K founder & stationery lover


Start early and enjoy a calm Christmas

Make sure you make the time to enjoy with friends and family this holiday season by getting organised early. Things like planning recipes and researching your gifts ahead of time means no last minute rush to get everything sorted.

Take the opportunity to connect with others

From sending beautiful and meaningful Christmas Cards to your loved ones, to making time to connect in person, Christmas is the perfect time to create and share special memories.

Celebrate Swedish traditions

Whether it’s Christmas baking or styling your home, why not get the whole family involved in gorgeous festive traditions and enjoy special time together?

Dream about the year ahead

The holidays are the perfect time to pause, reset and plan for the year ahead. Celebrate each moment by writing in your Journal and take the opportunity to set your goals and dreams for 2016.

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