Top 10 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Every Moment

As our modern world seems to be filled more and more with commitments, deadlines and increasing levels of stress, we’re here to invite a sense of calm back to your life with our latest Slow Collection. We want to help you create happiness in those seemingly insignificant, yet everyday moments. We want to give you a moment’s rest, so you have the energy to tackle the next thing on the list – whatever that may be!

Imagine embracing a moment of calm amidst all the busyness. It’s time to restore the balance and start chasing slow, rather than being caught out by all the rushing around. This collection is designed to help you do just that. With products to help you create moments of sanctuary and encourage mindfulness and relaxation – in a way that can easily fit into your everyday. Let this new collection bring you a sense of calm and remind you to take it a little slower as we share out Top 10 ways to slow down and enjoy every moment, with our latest Collection.

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Our Favourite Tips for Creating More of a Work-Life Balance

With many of us working from home, juggling more tasks than normal (both in our personal and professional life) the clear line between work and home, or work and life, has become a little (okay, a lot!) more blurred of late.

Because of this, and also the fast-pace of our modern world, it can be easy to forget the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Whether you believe in this idea or not, it’s important to ensure you’re looking after yourself and your time. We may not be able to create a perfect balance, and that’s okay. After all, it’s about progress, not perfection. But welcoming a smidge of balance back into your life can have such a huge impact on your overall wellbeing. So, if you’re feeling out of balance and are looking to take back a bit of control, here are a few of our favourite tips to keep in mind.

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Creative Offline Ways to Reconnect with Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Life can get pretty full sometimes, especially with all the weird and wonderful things this year has thrown at us! However, it is during these exact times that it’s more important than ever for us to ensure we’re connecting meaningfully with our loved ones, our families and also connecting with ourselves.

From embracing creativity to making time for meaningful conversations, there are so many ways you can do this – and the key is to try to do it without a screen in sight (if you can!)

Keep reading to explore some of the ways our kikki.K team are doing just that – then, why not give some of them a try yourself?

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How to Plan for Positivity Using Your kikki.K Planner

Be inspired to plan for positivity with your kikki.K Planner. In times of uncertainty, using your Planner to adapt to the changing world around you can help you to see the silver linings, connect with loved ones and express your creativity in unique ways.

Watch our video below for inspiring ideas on how you can plan for positivity – and have fun!

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