Meet Kristina in London this November!

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I absolutely love spending time in London. It has always been one of my favourite cities in the world, and especially during the festive Christmas period when the city comes alive with lights, decorations and music.

This month, I’m so pleased to say we can catch-up at a series of events around London, and I’d love to see you there. It’s been fantastic to meet so many new faces and be inspired by all the kikki.K love and I can’t wait to see you again. Read more via the Event Pages below, and register your attendance.


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Meet Kristina in London

Saturday 11 November, Stylist Live

Join us at 10.30am at Stylist Live’s Grow Stage to hear Kristina’s talk on The Ritual of Journaling. Discover why we should all be putting pen to paper on a daily basis and how you can turn journaling from a reluctant routine you constantly lose your way with to an unbreakable habit that will become a way of life.

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Festive Shopping Events

We invite you to join us for our special shopping evenings at our UK stores. Meet Kristina, discover our new delicious Christmas collection and enjoy 20% off* storewide on the night. Plus, we’ll have other festive treats in store to share the Joy of Christmas!

*Full priced kikki.K branded products only. See in store for details

Monday 13 November, Kingston, 4-7pm

Tuesday 14 November, Covent Garden, 4-6pm

Wednesday 15 November, St Pancras, 6-8pm

Thursday 16 November, Guildford, 8-9pm

Thursday 16 November, Lululemon Guildford, 6-8pm
Discover the power of living with intention, learn how to recognise talents and strengths and how to use them to help others and how to turn your goals into action. Sign up here.

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Li-Chi Pan x kikki.K

With a new year comes a new opportunity – 365 chances to live your best life! To celebrate our new 2018 Diaries, we asked the amazing Li-Chi Pan to share her tips for making the most out of the next year using her kikki.K Cute Diary. Be sure to check out her blog over the coming days to read the post in full!

Li-Chi Pan kikki.K Cute Diary

We caught up with Li-Chi to find out a little more…

Why do you love using a paper diary?
I’ve been using a paper diary since I was 16 and have been doing so for the last 9 years. Being a creative means I love doodling and writing down all my thoughts.There’s also a certain type of authenticity to a paper diary which I’ll always love.

What’s the number one organisation tip you swear by?
Do one thing at a time and do it right away. Another great organisation tip is writing down and making mental notes of your top 3 tasks to get done for the day. Everything else seems to fall into place if I do that!

Li-Chi Pan kikki.K Cute Diary

What will you do to make 2018 your best year yet?
Going on more travel adventures whilst balancing work at the same time! 😉

What’s an adventure you’re planning for 2018?
I’d love to visit Marrakech and Turkey in 2018!

Aside from your diary, what’s your favourite stationery item?

Li-Chi Pan kikki.K Cute Diary

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Q&A with Agapi Stassinopoulos

We’re so excited to present our limited edition kikki.K designed version of Agapi Stassinopoulos ‘Wake up to the Joy of You’. With the warmth and wisdom she has garnered from a lifetime of spiritual seeking, inspirational force Agapi guides you through 52 weeks of letting go of what doesn’t work for you and finding what does. We caught up with Agapi to find out a little more about this wonderful book.

Can you tell us a little about the journey that led to you writing Wake Up To The Joy Of You?

In my previous book Unbinding The Heart, I tell my story and life experiences and about how I found my calling, my voice and how I opened my heart. As I was travelling on the road speaking, I encountered thousands of people who kept asking me the same questions: “How can I be more fulfilled? How Can I learn to manifest what I want? How can I move away from disappointment? etc, etc..”

In these life questions, I realised that we all have the same issues and challenges. I thought it was very important to share, specifically with people, on how I learned to overcome my challenges, and how I found answers and solutions to different situations in my life. That’s why I wrote 52 chapters and made it very practical. I broke it down into action steps that people can actually do everyday and start to improve the quality of their lives to find their fulfilment!


The book features 52 chapters, why was it important to you for the book to cover a year of discovery?

I think if we focus on specific issues for every week, it is more manageable. It’s easier to navigate to help find resolution and shift from anxiety to calmness.

What are some simple steps people can take right now to embrace more joy in their lives?

As I mentioned in chapter 43 Awaken Your Joy in Wake Up To the Joy Of You, “In order to get back to my joy, I ask myself, ‘What’s preoccupying me? What’s making my heart unhappy? What are my concerns? What feelings do I need to address and let out to experience joy: is it sadness, anger, disappointment, fears, hurt feelings?’ You can’t just choose to feel joy. You need to express those feelings first. If I numb myself to negative feelings, I’ll numb myself to joy.” (p. 237)

I think it is imperative that we do not judge our feelings when they surface but instead give permission to ourselves to express all of the emotions. The joy will show up! Joy is inherited in our spirit and in our soul, but, in our human condition we have so many other emotions and our joy can get clouded. It’s important that we take time, every day, to call forward our soul and spirit and remind ourselves of who we truly are.

What are some morning rituals that you love?

I always start with my day with my cappuccino (aha!). When I wake up in the morning, I always look forward to my morning coffee and glass of water. I then take a few moments to focus on the power of my breath, which basically gives us life, and then focus on gratitude. I send an intention for the day, to stay connected and to not stuff my emotions and feelings, and to keep bringing a presence of joy and do the things that bring me joy! So, basically, not to overwhelm myself with all the things that need to get done but more on the things and quality that I want my day to have.

What stationery piece can you not live without?

My notebook! I am a big believer in writing things down, instead of putting it in my computer. Even though it may be countless notes, I am able to jot everything that is on my mind.

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Q&A with Laura Vanderkam

We’re loving our new kikki.K Limited Edition cover of Laura Vanderkam’s 168 Hours. This inspiring book will help you recognise how you’re really spending your time and how you can make more time for what’s important. Learn how to prioritise effectively, and positively impact all areas of your life.

To find out more about this wonderful book, we caught up with author Laura Vanderkam:

What inspired you to write 168 hours?

I am always fascinated by people who seem to do so much, and yet feel relaxed about their time! I wanted to share the stories of people who were succeeding professionally, while still having great personal lives.

How do you hope your book can help people to live their best lives?

I wanted to help people think more holistically about their time. We often think of our lives in days, but we live our lives in weeks. Looking at the whole week shows how much time we really have. If you work 40 hours a week (full time!) and sleep 8 hours a night (56 per week) that leaves 72 hours for other things. That’s a lot of time! Once we know that, time management becomes about figuring out how to best use the time we have, rather than telling ourselves we don’t have time. Probably it is there. We just have to be creative to make the most of it.

You talk in the book about the importance of getting enough sleep, can you please elaborate?

Contrary to popular belief, successful people often do get enough sleep! Maybe not every night, but certainly averaged over the long haul. Sleep is important because it helps us be our best selves when we’re awake. If you skimp on sleep for too many nights in a row, you will lose your ability to focus. Indeed, you’ll probably lose every single hour you “saved” by not sleeping. It’s not worth it.

I know in some stages of life it’s hard to get enough sleep (if you have a newborn for instance). But I do think it’s still important to prioritize it as best you can. The house can be messy. Some emails can go unread. Go to sleep and you’ll be able to deal with it all in the morning.

Can you tell us a little about your morning routine?

My current morning routine involves caring for my 2-year-old. He always gets up earlier (like 5:30 a.m.) than I want. I get him, we snuggle in bed for a while, then I let him watch videos while I slowly wake up with my coffee and read a book. At least I’m getting some reading time in. Six months ago he couldn’t pay attention to videos and the morning was more harried. When he grows out of waking up so early I hope to get up and run first thing, and then do focused work for an hour before my kids get up. I’ll get there eventually (currently, I tend to exercise during the day).

What stationery item can you not live without?

I love paper! I’m quite particular about my notebooks. I make my own planners out of notebooks with a durable cover. I also have some  note cards with my name on them that I use for correspondence. I’m quite particular about paper!

My desk chair has a giant hole on it and I purchased my pillows more than a decade ago but I will not compromise on my paper!

Feeling inspired to start making more out of your day? Discover 168 Hours here.