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We’re so passionate about our Workshops. Whether you’re looking to overcome organisation challenges, rediscover your ambitions, explore your personal happiness, or live in the moment, we’re here to help. Join us in store to take part in our group sessions and welcome the benefits that come from learning alongside a group of like-minded people.

Choose from our Dream . Do . Enjoy . Share, Happiness, Goals, Mindfulness, Planner, Habits or DIY Workshops run by our Personal Consultants in store, or even at Private Workshops held at a location and time to suit you.

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How to Plan for an Inspiring 2018

As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to start looking forward to 2018. What would happen if you were truly present in the year to come? What would it look like to approach the year with a fearless attitude, clear mind and full heart? What could you achieve?

2018 is your year. You are in the diver’s seat. So with that being said, we wanted to share some ideas for how we’re going to plan an inspiring year ahead!

How to plan an inspiring 2018

Get Clear on your DREAMs
We truly believe in the power of visualisation. When you are very clear on what you want to achieve and can see it in your head (or even better on a Vision Board), it’s more likely to come to you. Many people go through their lives not really knowing what they want or what they stand for, but not you! Why not make this the year you write down a list of dreams? Then start working towards them!

Make a Plan and DO
Dreams will, of course, only remain dreams unless you make a plan to DO something about them. Once you’ve visualised what you want to achieve this year, spend some time to map out how you will turn them into a reality. Get practical and set yourself deadlines. Schedule in time each week or month to work on your projects. Write a list of steps you need to take to achieve each dream.

Did you know that studies have shown that the simple act of writing down your goals means you’re more likely to achieve them?

How to plan an inspiring 2018

ENJOY each moment
Life was made for living. While it’s great to have big dreams and to work really hard, it’s also important to find balance or you might face burn out. This year, think about the things that make you happy and actually schedule in time to enjoy them. Set yourself rules, for example to not look at your emails outside of work hours, and really stick to them! Check in regularly to ask yourself how you’re feeling and whether you’re making enough time for you.

SHARE with others
The people in our lives are so important. Think about the people who make you happy and spend more time with them this year! Why not reach out to a group of friends and schedule in a monthly dinner? Or book in a weekend away now so that everyone is free.

Are there people who you look up to who could offer you guidance and help you achieve your dreams? Reach out to them now! Create an inspiring community and connect with like-minded people. On the flip-side, is there anyone you could help and offer guidance to? Is there a charity initiative that you admire? Now’s the time to sign up to volunteer your time and give back.

We really hope these ideas set you up for an inspiring 2018. Be sure to let us know how you’re planning to make this year your best yet by connecting with us on social media.

Discover our DREAM, DO, ENJOY, SHARE Books here to find out more!

Meet Kristina in London this November!

Win a breakfast with Kristina Karlsson

I absolutely love spending time in London. It has always been one of my favourite cities in the world, and especially during the festive Christmas period when the city comes alive with lights, decorations and music.

This month, I’m so pleased to say we can catch-up at a series of events around London, and I’d love to see you there. It’s been fantastic to meet so many new faces and be inspired by all the kikki.K love and I can’t wait to see you again. Read more via the Event Pages below, and register your attendance.


Kristina's signature


Meet Kristina in London

Saturday 11 November, Stylist Live

Join us at 10.30am at Stylist Live’s Grow Stage to hear Kristina’s talk on The Ritual of Journaling. Discover why we should all be putting pen to paper on a daily basis and how you can turn journaling from a reluctant routine you constantly lose your way with to an unbreakable habit that will become a way of life.

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Festive Shopping Events

We invite you to join us for our special shopping evenings at our UK stores. Meet Kristina, discover our new delicious Christmas collection and enjoy 20% off* storewide on the night. Plus, we’ll have other festive treats in store to share the Joy of Christmas!

*Full priced kikki.K branded products only. See in store for details

Monday 13 November, Kingston, 4-7pm

Tuesday 14 November, Covent Garden, 4-6pm

Wednesday 15 November, St Pancras, 6-8pm

Thursday 16 November, Guildford, 8-9pm

Thursday 16 November, Lululemon Guildford, 6-8pm
Discover the power of living with intention, learn how to recognise talents and strengths and how to use them to help others and how to turn your goals into action. Sign up here.

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Li-Chi Pan x kikki.K

With a new year comes a new opportunity – 365 chances to live your best life! To celebrate our new 2018 Diaries, we asked the amazing Li-Chi Pan to share her tips for making the most out of the next year using her kikki.K Cute Diary. Be sure to check out her blog over the coming days to read the post in full!

Li-Chi Pan kikki.K Cute Diary

We caught up with Li-Chi to find out a little more…

Why do you love using a paper diary?
I’ve been using a paper diary since I was 16 and have been doing so for the last 9 years. Being a creative means I love doodling and writing down all my thoughts.There’s also a certain type of authenticity to a paper diary which I’ll always love.

What’s the number one organisation tip you swear by?
Do one thing at a time and do it right away. Another great organisation tip is writing down and making mental notes of your top 3 tasks to get done for the day. Everything else seems to fall into place if I do that!

Li-Chi Pan kikki.K Cute Diary

What will you do to make 2018 your best year yet?
Going on more travel adventures whilst balancing work at the same time! 😉

What’s an adventure you’re planning for 2018?
I’d love to visit Marrakech and Turkey in 2018!

Aside from your diary, what’s your favourite stationery item?

Li-Chi Pan kikki.K Cute Diary

Be sure to share your Cute Diary inspiration with #kikkiKCuteDiary.

Discover the beautiful Cute Diary Lui-Chi used here.