2 ways with our stylish Jewellery Dish

Jewellery Dish

This porcelain Jewellery Dish is the perfect way to add a little shine to your home or workspace in style. Read on to discover two ways to add it to your space and live a little brighter.


Designed to stylishly display your favourite jewellery pieces, this Jewellery Dish is pretty and practical. Perfect to easily access jewellery you wear daily or to organise unique keepsakes.

kikki.K Workspace with Live Bright Collection


This stylish piece is also ideal for storing paperclips and other stationery essentials like bulldog clips. Keep them in close proximity to stay organised in style in your workspace or office.

kikki.K Jewellery Dish with paperclips

What’s your favourite use for this gorgeous piece?

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Customise your kikki.K Planner: Part One Live Bright Theme

Customise your Planner

Get organised in style with our gorgeous Personal Planner in lilac leather and discover how to customise your Planner the kikki.K way.

View this stylish Planner come to life here and read on to discover how to recreate this look step-by-step.


kikki.K Personal Planner
• DIY Sticker Book
• Quote Cards Set of 12
• B5 Printed Notepad
• Adhesive Note Set
• Sticker Sheet 2pk
• Adhesive Note Gem
• Kontor Rollerball Pen
• Adhesive Dots
• Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set
• Scissors

kikki.K Planner, Stationery and Accessories

kikki.K Planner open at Dashboard


In your kikki.K Planner you’ll find handy pockets to keep you Adhesive Notes, Stickers, Adhesive Dots and any other bits and pieces for on-the-go customisation and organisation. Add a little stylish shine to your dashboard by using the Gift Tags from the DIY Sticker Book and slipping these on to the binder. You can write little notes, reminders or positive affirmations on them too.

We included one with ‘Do more of what makes you happy’ and ‘Drink 5 glasses of water a day’ as little daily reminders.

Don’t forget to customise your tabs with the included stickers!

kikki.K Planner open at decorated Divider #1


Turn to your next tab and choose your favourite Quote Card from the Quote Cards 12pk to centre on the divider. Then take a piece of printed paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and cut out two lengths to frame your Quote Card. Stick these down with your Adhesive Dots and let this gorgeous inspire you day and night.

kikki.K Planner open at Divider #2


For our section labelled To Do, customise the divider by adding a strip of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad on the left side. Then use the Adhesive Note Gem to add special tasks to the strip of paper. Tick them off as you go and add more when needed.

kikki.K Planner open at decorated divider #4


To customise your next divider, take a patterned piece of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and fold in half, securing together and to the divider with Adhesive Dots. Add framing stickers from your DIY Sticker Book to the corners and finish with the gorgeous gold heart and circle sticker from the DIY Sticker Book.

kikki.K Planner open with Receipts Pocket


We customised one of our tabs for expenses and thought the perfect addition to this section would be a stylish DIY paper envelope for receipts. Take a piece of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and fold in three keeping one section shorter for the opening. Stick the sides together with Adhesive Dots.

Using your Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set, stamp the word ‘receipts’ on to the front of the envelope. Then, stick to your divider with Adhesive Dots. Store your receipts in this handy envelope and at the end of each week or month, organise these into your Receipts Folder for easy reference when tax time arrives.

kikki.K Planner open with Tickets Pocket


Create another pocket for mementos such as tickets, memorabilia and any other extras you want to keep. Fold a piece of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad to make an envelope and secure the sides with Adhesive Dots.

Add a label sticker from your DIY Sticker Book to the centre of the envelope and use a gold Gel Pen to label it with ‘Mementos’ or ‘Tickets’. You can also use this pocket to collect bits and pieces that you might like to use to decorate your Planner. Keep them safely stored here until you’re ready to use them.

kikki.K Planner open with Quote Card on divider


Customise your final tabbed divider with a beautiful quote to inspire you daily. Create a stylish base by folding a piece of printed paper from your B5 Printed Notepad in half and securing with Adhesive Dots. Add a Quote Card in the centre then take one of the long border stickers from your DIY Sticker Book and cute this into small pieces to frame your Quote Card. Gorgeous!

How do you love to customise your planner? We want to know! What are you favourite products to decorate your planner in style? Comment below and let us know!

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Throw the perfect garden party

Garden Party

Lush greenery, colourful decorations, a delicious spread, great company and good times…what could be better than a beautiful garden party?

Here, we’ll show you how to throw the perfect garden party in style using our new Confetti Collection. From decorations, to food and drink, to party favours, to gift wrapping and more…read on to discover how.


Set the Space

Use the beautiful green surroundings to your advantage. Colour pairs perfectly and pops against the rich green background. Make a statement and hang DIY Paper Gems from branches above. So simple and so effective.

Use Alphabet Bunting to write out a fun message and hang in the trees to be spotted by guests arriving.

What you’ll need…

• DIY Paper Gems 2pk
• Alphabet Bunting

Table Setting

The Table

The table and party spread is the centre of attention. Create the perfect setting with fun Paper Plates, Cups, Serviettes and Straws and add the finishing touches with gorgeous flowers.

Find out how to create your own gorgeous garden party table setting here.

What you’ll need…

• Plates 20pk
• Cups 20pk
• Straws 20pk
• Serviettes 20pk


Party Cupcakes

No party is complete without cake… A modern take on the traditional Swedish Jordgubbstårta (Strawberry Cake) we created these delicious Strawberry Cupcakes. Find the recipe here.

What you’ll need…

• Cupcake Liners & Flags
• Wooden Serving Tray

Guest Book

Capture Memories

Every celebration deserves to be made timeless by capturing moments from the day and words from loved ones in the pages of a beautiful Guest Book. The Confetti Scrapbook Album Kit is the perfect place to do just that. Discover how to create a gorgeous keepsake here.

For all those Instagram lovers, you’ll enjoy snapping and sharing moments from the day. Turn those memories into Instagram Prints to create photo bunting, add to your Guest Book or gift to friends. Find out more here.

What you’ll need…

• Confetti Scrapbook Album Kit
• Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set
• Rainbow Gel Pen 10pk
• Create with kikki.K Instagram Prints


Say Thank You

Impress guests with a sweet and thoughtful Thank You gift. From fun filled Goodie Bags to DIY paper cones of sweet treats. Learn how to create your own and gift in style here.

What you’ll need…

• Goodie Bags
• Square Notepad
• DIY Sticker Book

Gift Wrapping

Colourful Gift Wrapping

For those attending a party, give your gifts the presentation they deserve with colourful gift wrapping. Pops of neon and confetti shapes will bring your gorgeous gifts to life. Find out how to DIY here.

What you’ll need…

• Wrapping Paper
• Gift Tags 15pk
• Waxed Cotton String
• DIY Sticker Book

Shop the Confetti Collection online here and throw the perfect garden party today.

DIY garden party table setting

DIY Garden Party Table Setting

Ensure your beautiful table setting is fit for your garden party and style it up with these simple tips and tricks.

Table setting

DIY Cutlery

Create your own fun cutlery to add to your paper plates. Simply add shaped stickers from your Confetti DIY Sticker Book to bamboo cutlery. Team each set with a Serviette and tie together with twine. Then place on top of your Paper Plates and set your Paper Cups and Paper Straws next to them too. Super sweet!

What you’ll need…

DIY Sticker Book
• Bamboo Cutlery
Paper Plates
Paper Cups
Paper Straws

Confetti cones

Colourful Confetti

Colourful confetti is super easy to make and turns a simple spread into something special. Use your Printed Notepad (or Wrapping Paper) and simply holepunch to your heart’s content.

Sprinkle confetti along your centrepiece or place in cones for guests to sprinkle as they please.

What you’ll need…

Printed Notepad or Wrapping Paper
• Hole Punch



Flowers are a must at any garden party (or any celebration for that matter). Choose a combination of beautiful flowers in bright colours and add these to small vases spaced along the centre of the table.

Add stickers from the DIY Sticker Book to vases to match back with your setting.

What you’ll need…

DIY Sticker Book
• Vases

Tip: Serve water or drinks in beautiful Glass Water Bottles spaced out along your table for a stylish look. We love adding fresh fruit to water – it tastes great and the colour looks beautiful. Think slices of lemon, lime, orange, fresh berries, cucumber – anything you like!

Shop the Confetti Collection online here and throw the perfect party today.

Table settings