How to Decorate your kikki.K Cute Planner

We think this adorable planner might just be our cutest yet. With hand stitched details and pops of colour, it’s perfect for brightening up your workspace. So we thought we’d share these fun styling and decoration ideas to help you get even more fun out of yours.

You’ll need…

Cute Time Planner
Paper Lover’s Book
Planner Lover’s Kit
A5 To Do List
Mini Week Planner
Conversation Starters
Bulldog Clips
Key Ring
Adhesive Notes
Magnetic Page Markers
Stationery Case
Slim Ballpoint Pens

1. Set up your Front Cover
We love having our favourite stationery in one neat place and ready to go. We used a plastic pocket from our Planner Lover’s Kit to create a simple pencil case to store pens and little stationery pieces. Of course, we couldn’t resist adding a roller skate Key Ring as a planner charm.

kikki.K Cute Planner

2. See your week at a glance
By adding a Mini Weekly Planner Pad to the front pocket, you’re easily able to see your week at a glance. Write down 1 or 2 important activities or reminders for each day – for example if you have an early start one day or need to pack your gym kit the next.

3. Set up your Calendar Pages
Your Calendar Pages are designed to help you manage your schedule in more detail. Use stickers to mark important dates and add a Magnetic Page Marker to make using your calendar even easier. Be sure to add cute quotes to inspire you each day.

How to decorate your kikki.K cute planner

4. Add a To Do List
Writing out a to do list each day can do so much to help you prioritise and work effectively. We used our To Do List Pad to create a quick to do list that can be moved to any page or section. Simply attach with a Bulldog Clip.

5. Make time for fun
Your planner should inspire and motivate you each day. With that in mind, we created a DIY Envelope from our Paper Lover’s Book and added in some Conversation Starters. These are amazing little tools to spark conversations with your friends and family. Use them to explore new ideas and share the inspiration.

We really hope these ideas inspire you to get the most out of your planner. Don’t forget to share your set up with us using #kikkiKPlannerLove on social media. We surprise our favourite each month with a special treat!

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How to Style your Holiday Table

Style your table the Swedish way with these ideas

The home is at the heart of the festive season. There’s something so special about a home that’s filled with family, friends, laughter and beautiful design. That’s why we love curating our living spaces, especially around the holidays when there are plenty of guests to host and celebrations to enjoy.

Be inspired to add a little Swedish design to your holiday table with these ideas…

Style your table the Swedish way with these ideas

 Mix Metallics

There’s something so chic about mixed metallics. Show some confidence in your styling abilities by playing with different metals and be sure to add some organic textures to mix things up even further.

Style your table the Swedish way with these ideas

Inspire your guests

Making your space extra special means adding personal and meaningful touches. Whether it’s printed photos or Quote Cards placed here and there, these little styling features are sure to bring joy.

Style your table the Swedish way with these ideas

Style your table the Swedish way with these ideas

All lit up

Lighting is so important to setting a mood. Turn off overhead lights and rely on lamps and candles to bring a soft glow and whimsical, romantic atmosphere.

We hope these ideas inspire you to get playful with your holiday styling. Don’t forget to share your ideas with #kikkiKGratefulHeart.

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How to Wrap your Gifts – Part 2

Discover our favourite wrapping ideas

It’s so fun making your gifts extra stylish. One of our favourite Christmas traditions is to set aside a couple of hours to wrap our gifts and make them oh-so-special using some cute techniques we’ve picked up along the way. Discover some of our favourite wrapping ideas using our classic black, white and metallics collection below.

You’ll need…

Double Sided Wrapping Paper
Christmas Paper Lover’s Book
Twist String
DIY Sticker Book
Ribbon 3pk

Discover our favourite wrapping ideas

 1. Create a Christmas Wreath

This wreath looks impressive but is actually very easy to make thanks to our Christmas Paper Lover’s Book. Simply pop out all of the pieces and fix into a wreath shape using glue or double sided tape.

Discover our favourite wrapping ideas

2. Keep things simple

If you’re wrapping for someone who loves things clean and minimal, this look is for you. We simply used some Twist String and added little bunting detailing using stickers from our DIY Sticker Book.

Discover our favourite wrapping ideas

3. Create a festive forest

Finally we loved creating this multi-dimensional forest scene. Simply pop out Christmas Trees from your Paper Lover’s Book, put together and match back with stickers and ribbon. We attached ours using double-sided tape so they wouldn’t fall off!

We hope these ideas spark your gift wrapping creativity. Discover more perfect wrap and trim essentials here.