Enjoy this Semla Bun Recipe

Make these traditional Swedish Semla Buns with this recipe

It’s so important to pause and celebrate life’s little moments. Not only does doing so allow us to enjoy a moment of fun with others, it helps us to embrace greater happiness and mindfulness too. By focusing on the wonderful things and moments we have in our lives, we’re encouraged to stay positive and be humble. That’s why we couldn’t resist sharing this Semla Bun recipe. Continue reading “Enjoy this Semla Bun Recipe”

Celebrate Swedish Lucia with this Recipe

Saffron Bun Recipe

In Sweden, the long dark winter nights are the perfect time for getting the family together at home. December 13 marks the day of St Lucia. Named after the martyr saint Lucia, the celebration falls on the shortest day of the year in the advent season. Everyone gets together with candles, coffee and Lussebullar (saffron buns), with children handing out treats to the adults – the perfect way to bring light and warmth into the home.

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