In conversation with Organized Jen

Organised Jen

In preparation for a new year, we chatted with the lovely Organized Jen about all things organisation, stationery and, of course, Planners.

1. We know Planner use is such a personal thing, but we love seeing how different customers personalise theirs. How would you describe your personal customising style?

While I admire the creativity in using washi, stickers, stamps, and drawings that I see others in the planner community execute so well, I generally take a fairly streamlined approach to personalizing my planner. I like using different pens to color code both my personal calendar and posting schedule. I’m also very fond of sticky notes for larger to-do lists or extra tasks. I have recently started incorporating bullet journal style lists into my to-dos, as well. I like my planner to be colorful, but also uncluttered and easy to follow.

2. Planners can be used for so much more than keeping tabs on your appointments – what are your favourite sections and/or uses of a Planner?

I like using my planner for goal setting and project brainstorming. Having these notes right by my schedule helps me remember to incorporate them into my planning process.

3. If you were to give someone 5 top tips or tricks for using a Planner to its best potential, what would they be?

• Experiment with different kinds of calendar layouts to see what works best for you. There are monthly, weekly, and daily spreads available across many different planner insert providers. Taking some time to try out each kind if you are unsure will help you figure out the best layout for you. For some people, that might mean using more than one type of layout.

• Watch videos and/or read blogs from others in the Planner Community for inspiration. There are so many talented and creative people sharing on the internet. Learning from others can help you discover your own preferences.

• Don’t be discouraged if you find that you aren’t getting into a routine with your planner. If this is the case, it probably means that the system you are currently using is not working for you and you should try a different approach. You’ll know that something is working when you naturally want to use it.

• Consider what sections other than calendars are important for you to have in your planner. Have an address section but never use it? If it’s taking up valuable real estate in your planner and not serving a useful purpose for you, it’s ok to take it out. Just because a section came with your planner doesn’t mean you have to use it.

• Your planner does not even have to include a traditional calendar if that doesn’t suit your needs. Some people use their planners very effectively as creative outlets, journals or records of special events or everyday occurrences, list makers, project planners, etc. The sky is the limit! If you let your planner be whatever you truly want it to be for you, it can become a treasure and a joy to keep.

4. What made you happy today?

Spending time in the sunshine with my loved ones.

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Ice cream! I love it even though it does not love me.

6. What inspires you?

In terms of planners, I find so much inspiration by following other Planner Enthusiasts on Instagram. People can be so creative! In general, kindness, optimism, and the beauty of the natural world inspire me. Also, I am a firm believer in the “it’s the little things” way of thinking. There is so much joy to be found in small moments.

7. Finally, (apart from your Planners) what’s a stationery item you couldn’t live without?

I absolutely love my journals and couldn’t imagine navigating through the ups and downs of life without putting pen to paper in this way. While my planner helps me to feel like I am on top of things and using my time well, my journals help me express myself and discover more about who I am and my place in the world around me.

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kikki.K Personal Planner Customisation

Our 2015 Diaries and Calendars

2015 Diaries and Calendars

Whether you’re looking ahead at a new year in your professional, student or family life, embrace 2015 and live it, love it with our inspiring collection of 2015 Diaries and Calendars. 

With so many unique designs to choose from, there’s sure to be a Diary to reflect your personality and keep you organised in style every day of the year.

Choose from a fresh new bonded-leather diary in lilac, gold, black or teal complete with gold foil detailing, or keep things cute with our iconic Cute Diary. Our 2015 Sweet Diary is sure to sweeten your days or look to a Personal Planner to keep everything organised in one spot and customised to your liking.

Whatever your style, whatever you choose, let it be your organised everyday companion and be inspired to live and love your 2015. Choose yours today and shop our 2015 Diaries and Calendars online here.

Organise your travel adventures with Travel Notes

Travel Notes

If you’re about to embark on a travel adventure, this is the organising companion you shouldn’t be without.

You’ll find our very own handy travel tips to get you started, then 12 unique tabs for you to dream, plan and capture details.

kikki.K Travel Notes and travel tips

• Destination

Start exploring the globe and researching your favourite spots in the destinations tab. Take note on the pros and cons of each place and record what it’s known for so you can start capturing things you might like to see, visit and discover.

• Itinerary

Make a rough itinerary of your adventures so you can start to plan your budget and other details. There’s even a Monthly Planner so you can see where you’ll be at a glance.

• Budget

In the budget tab you’ll find handy tables and extras to help you plan your budget and stick to it. Travel can get expensive, but setting a budget from the beginning means you’re saving yourself from unnecessary financial stress.

• Transport

Research travel options to and from destinations and look into transport within cities. Make a note of any travel passes you need to purchase and details around these.

• Accommodation

Use this tab to look into accommodation options for each of your destinations and record important details like type of accommodation, cost per night, length of stay and more.

• Sightseeing

Monuments, galleries, churches, gardens, museums and more – create your list of must-see sights and never stop exploring.

Travel Notes open at Food & Drink tab

• Food & drink

What spots are known for their amazing food or drinks? Note them in this tab so they’re not forgotten when you start your travels.

• Shopping

What would a trip be without a few souvenirs and treats? Research the best places to shop and capture notes and more here.

• Culture

One of the most exciting parts of travelling is experiencing new cultures. Use this section to make notes about unique traditions and cultures of your destinations.

• To pack

Discover our tips for packing and create your packing list so nothing is left behind.

• One day

This special tab is for you to dream big and be inspired. Create your travel bucket list and find ways to adventure in your hometown.

• Notes

Extra space for all those extra thoughts.

If money were no object, where would you go? Tell us below!

Customise your kikki.K Planner: Part One Live Bright Theme

Customise your Planner

Get organised in style with our gorgeous Personal Planner in lilac leather and discover how to customise your Planner the kikki.K way.

View this stylish Planner come to life here and read on to discover how to recreate this look step-by-step.


kikki.K Personal Planner
• DIY Sticker Book
• Quote Cards Set of 12
• B5 Printed Notepad
• Adhesive Note Set
• Sticker Sheet 2pk
• Adhesive Note Gem
• Kontor Rollerball Pen
• Adhesive Dots
• Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set
• Scissors

kikki.K Planner, Stationery and Accessories

kikki.K Planner open at Dashboard


In your kikki.K Planner you’ll find handy pockets to keep you Adhesive Notes, Stickers, Adhesive Dots and any other bits and pieces for on-the-go customisation and organisation. Add a little stylish shine to your dashboard by using the Gift Tags from the DIY Sticker Book and slipping these on to the binder. You can write little notes, reminders or positive affirmations on them too.

We included one with ‘Do more of what makes you happy’ and ‘Drink 5 glasses of water a day’ as little daily reminders.

Don’t forget to customise your tabs with the included stickers!

kikki.K Planner open at decorated Divider #1


Turn to your next tab and choose your favourite Quote Card from the Quote Cards 12pk to centre on the divider. Then take a piece of printed paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and cut out two lengths to frame your Quote Card. Stick these down with your Adhesive Dots and let this gorgeous inspire you day and night.

kikki.K Planner open at Divider #2


For our section labelled To Do, customise the divider by adding a strip of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad on the left side. Then use the Adhesive Note Gem to add special tasks to the strip of paper. Tick them off as you go and add more when needed.

kikki.K Planner open at decorated divider #4


To customise your next divider, take a patterned piece of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and fold in half, securing together and to the divider with Adhesive Dots. Add framing stickers from your DIY Sticker Book to the corners and finish with the gorgeous gold heart and circle sticker from the DIY Sticker Book.

kikki.K Planner open with Receipts Pocket


We customised one of our tabs for expenses and thought the perfect addition to this section would be a stylish DIY paper envelope for receipts. Take a piece of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and fold in three keeping one section shorter for the opening. Stick the sides together with Adhesive Dots.

Using your Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set, stamp the word ‘receipts’ on to the front of the envelope. Then, stick to your divider with Adhesive Dots. Store your receipts in this handy envelope and at the end of each week or month, organise these into your Receipts Folder for easy reference when tax time arrives.

kikki.K Planner open with Tickets Pocket


Create another pocket for mementos such as tickets, memorabilia and any other extras you want to keep. Fold a piece of paper from your B5 Printed Notepad to make an envelope and secure the sides with Adhesive Dots.

Add a label sticker from your DIY Sticker Book to the centre of the envelope and use a gold Gel Pen to label it with ‘Mementos’ or ‘Tickets’. You can also use this pocket to collect bits and pieces that you might like to use to decorate your Planner. Keep them safely stored here until you’re ready to use them.

kikki.K Planner open with Quote Card on divider


Customise your final tabbed divider with a beautiful quote to inspire you daily. Create a stylish base by folding a piece of printed paper from your B5 Printed Notepad in half and securing with Adhesive Dots. Add a Quote Card in the centre then take one of the long border stickers from your DIY Sticker Book and cute this into small pieces to frame your Quote Card. Gorgeous!

How do you love to customise your planner? We want to know! What are you favourite products to decorate your planner in style? Comment below and let us know!

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