Tax Time: Filing

Tax Time filing

Set up a tax filing system to keep all your paperwork in one spot. This way you’ll save yourself money, time and stress searching for important documents and tax-related papers.

One of our Personal Organisers revealed the must-haves to create an effective tax filing system at home or at work.

Here’s how:

1. Create a tax folder

Create different sections for important paperwork. You’ll need a Lever Arch Folder, A4 Tabbed Dividers and Plastic Pockets.

Own a business? For businesses filing quarterly BAS statements, we recommend 4 identical folders, one for each quarter, so that you can continue filing paperwork for the current quarter and send off your completed folder to the bookkeeper/accountant.

2. Label dividers to suit your lifestyle

If you’re not sure where to start, sort paperwork into its relevant financial year, then by category and subcategories. Unless your circumstances change, it’s likely these categories will be very similar from one year to the next, so you can reuse these dividers the following year too.

Close up of Lever Arch File with labelled Dividers by kikki.k

Labels could include:

1. Salary/Income

• Pay slips
• PAYG statement
• Invoices (for small businesses etc.)
• Interest earned

2. Investments

• Property including all income & expenses
• Shares including dividend statements
• Term deposits etc.

3. Bank statements

• Use coloured pens to annotate any expenses claimed

4. Tax related expenses

• Accountant fees
• Costs associated with managing tax affairs

5. Private Health Insurance Statement

• Health related expenses (if these exceed the safety net)

6. Professional Memberships/Union Fees

• Subscriptions
• Meeting fees
• Conference expenses
• Journals

7. (Home) Office Expenses

• Rent
• Telephone
• Internet
• Electricity
• Computer-related
• Stationery
• Equipment purchases

8. Work-related vehicle expenses

• Purchase/Lease/Interest payments
• Registration
• Insurance
• Roadside
• Service/Repair
• Car washes
• Fuel
• Tolls
• Log book

9. Donations

These are just a guide – adjust yours to suit your unique lifestyle.

3. Sort paperwork as it arrives

Give yourself a head start and sort paperwork into this folder as you receive it. This way, when the new financial year arrives, you know exactly where everything is and you’ve avoided unnecessary double handling.

4. Keep a checklist

Keep a checklist at the front of your tax folder so you can readily identify what documents you have and what is still missing. You could also record the totals for each category on this list to make your appointment with your accountant simple and efficient.

5. Store completed Tax Returns

Store completed Tax Returns in an A3 Storage Box along with your Diary for that year. Only keep these for as long as required by law – usually five years for most individuals, for companies, you’ll need to gain advice on this. Once that time is up, securely shred and discard those documents. If you have a lot of paper work, you may prefer to use an individual A3 Storage Box for each year or an Archive Storage Box.

Tax Filing System by kikki.K

3 Ways with Canisters

3 Ways with Canisters

Our new Homewares Collection features beautiful pieces for your everyday. These gorgeous porcelain Canisters are pretty, practical and perfect for any space.

Discover how to use them in three unique ways and brighten up your home with the warmth of wood and subtle gold.

Canisters Kitchen


With removable plastic sealers, these beautiful Canisters are perfect for storing kitchen essentials like your favourite tea, coffee, sugar, spices and more. The simple and sophisticated colours work back with any colour scheme, especially when teamed with wooden chopping boards, platters and accessories.

Tip: Use the porcelain Vase to hold everyday kitchen tools for stylish storage and easy reach in the midst of cooking.

Canister Workspace


Whether you work from home or the office, organise your desk accessories in style with these handy Canisters. Choose from the 10.5cm or 13.5cm Canister to keep pens, pencils, scissors and more in one convenient spot.

All you need is some fresh flowers and a hot cup of tea to say hello to an inspired and productive workspace.

Canister Bathroom


These stylish Canisters will add beautiful warmth to an otherwise cool bathroom. Use them to store toiletries and bits and pieces such as cotton balls, makeup, toothbrushes and more.

Don’t forget to light a delicious Scented Candle to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere you’ll love.

What’s your favourite look? How would you use yours? We’d love to know. Shout out below and share your styling tips!

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How to: Plan your wedding in organised style

Plan your wedding in organised style

When planning a wedding it can seem like you’re constantly checking off a never-ending To Do list. Let go of this unwanted stress, stay on top of every detail and ensure you enjoy the process with these organised tools. Together, they’re the perfect companions to help you stay calm and in control in the lead up to your special day.

The key to organisation is to have a home for everything. Follow these simple steps to use these tools efficiently and effectively and ensure you have time to enjoy the little things.


• Vision Board
• Wedding Notes
• Wedding To Do List
• Metal Rollerball Pen
• Wedding Organiser
• Plastic Pockets 20pk


Start your planning by creating a beautiful Vision Board to inspire your wedding. Gather inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, blogs and friends. Decide on a colour palette and pin up images, photos, quotes and anything that will help inspire you along the journey.

Revisit this beautiful Vision Board whenever you need a little help making a decision or just a daily dose of inspiration.


The Wedding Organiser is your place to store clippings, inspiration, samples, pamphlets, catalogues, menus and more.

Use the stickers to customise the tabs to suit your unique needs, add any extra Plastic Pockets you need and slip all paperwork and extra documents you collect along the way into their appropriate tabs. It might be sample invites, magazine clippings of wedding favours, images of bridesmaids’ dresses. Keep all this inspiration, extra paperwork and information, in your Wedding Organiser, so you know exactly where to look when you need to.

You’ll be able to compare looks, ideas, inspiration and more and it works hand-in-hand with the Wedding Notes.


Wedding Notes is your handy companion to take with you everywhere. The perfect size to slip in your bag when visiting venues, dress shops, florists and more.

Within this useful organiser are 16 tabs including budget, guests, venue, reception, photography, attire, beauty, catering, transport, flowers, stationery, honeymoon and more.

A wedding checklist keeps you on top of monthly deadlines so you can see at a glance where you’re at with your planning and within each tab are detailed prompts for you to fill out as you organise each area. Note down quotes, compare services, record contact details so you know exactly how to get in touch and stay on top of every detail as you plan and organise.

This comprehensive book includes everything you need to consider so that nothing’s forgotten. Carry it with you daily and use the notes space to record any ideas or thoughts that arise as you meet new people and find out new information. When you return home, add any collected paperwork to your Wedding Organiser.


Transfer activities, things to do and people to call onto your wedding To Do List. This way you stay on top of daily tasks and upcoming appointments and can easily prioritise by day, week, or month.

Tick things off as you achieve them and love the sense of organised achievement as you work towards your special day.


Enjoy the journey! If loved ones offer to help, say yes! Ask them to help research, hold a crafting afternoon to make wedding favours or write place cards. Whatever jobs are on your list, consider who could help you complete them. Investing in the help of others not only means tasks are completed quicker, but the process is more enjoyable too.

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