What Type of Planner Are You? Tips and Ideas to Inspire Your Planning

Whether you’re using your planner for personal or professional life, we all have our own unique way of using them. You might be a minimalist and simply use the sections of a Planner as they come, or you may be a more creative type, embellishing and adding decorative items to really express your creativity. Or perhaps you’re a colour-code wizard who has everything organised by colour so you’ll never miss a thing? With so many types of Planners and planner personalities out there, we thought it best to share a few different ways – and common tips – to help you decide what might work for you as we start this second half of the year – 2020 Pt. 2.

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Top Tips for Tax Time 2020

It’s nearly a new financial year in Australia, which means for many of us, it’s tax time. Admittedly, it isn’t the most exciting time of the year – in fact, it can be quite daunting – but if you’re organised and ready, it can be a little easier to navigate. And for some, it may even mean you get a little cash back! The key is to be organised and have all the information you need on hand. Plus, you’ll love feeling calm and in control when it’s time to do your taxes. Here are our top tips to help you out.

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Note to self… Make a Plan, Stick to that Plan!

When it comes to scheduling ‘me time’ as well as time to work on your goals and focus on your dreams, the key is not only to schedule and plan your time – getting organised – but to stick to that plan, just as you would if you had an important meeting, a doctor’s appointment or a dinner date. But don’t let this idea overwhelm you. Check out our top tips for planning your time below, along with some gorgeous new tools to inspire you to do just that.

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The Desk of Your Dreams: How to Create an Inspired Yet Practical Desk Set Up

Creating a workspace that’s both beautiful and practical, and that you truly enjoy spending time in, can do so much for your creativity, productivity and motivation. From having the right tools and stationery items to make your life easier, to surrounding yourself with the things that bring you joy, there are a few small ways to make your workspace your happy space. One that will inspire you to achieve your dreams, help you to enjoy the little moments and simply make you happy. Whether you work or are at university or school, be inspired to create a desk space you love with these simple ideas.

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