Introducing the kikki.K Planner Insiders

Earlier this year we selected a small group of people from all over the world to work with us on a super exciting project.

This group of people are now known as our kikki.K Planner Insiders and were selected based on their creativity, passion, involvement in the planner community and of course their love for Planners!

We wanted to truly connect with our wider planner community, so as part of the team, our Planner Insiders provided us with insights, ideas and opinions whilst attending meetings, phone calls, emails as well as joining us for a brainstorm session at our Global Support Office.

Over the last few months our Planner Insiders have been helping us to design and develop a brand new Planner, made for planner lovers by planner lovers. With every aspect considered, this new planner has bespoke features and is a customisation dream!

We have loved working with this team and look forward to sharing the finished product of this project with you all.

Meet our Planner Insiders…

Ashleigh Newton | @plum_mashable


Desley Pitcher | @desleyjane_plans


Daisy Martin | @mygreencow


Hannah Andreasson | @Hannahs_Haven_


Damian Hunt | @theplanner_guy


Nadia Azni | @lettersinnovember

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Make Your Mark with Margie Warrell

Here at kikki.K we have a real passion for learning about anything that will make our lives better. That’s why we love Margie Warrell’s wonderful books, especially Make Your Mark. It’s full of information and questions to help you live with more courage and create a roadmap for your dream life. That’s why we decided to work with Margie to release a limited edition kikki.K designed version of this inspiring work.

We caught up with Margie to find out more about her inspirations and the journey that led her to writing this book…Margie Warrel

Can you tell us a little about you & what led you to write Make Your Mark?
 I grew up the big sister of a large Catholic family on a small dairy farm in rural Victoria Australia. As a kid I remember my dad, who milked cows for nearly 50 years, telling me that he could see me one day growing up to be a nun – Sister Margaret Mary – running a convent. While I was never particularly allured by dad’s aspirations for me to join a convent, both my father and my mother (who actually was a nun before meeting my dad) always instilled in me the importance of sharing our time, talents, skills, resources and ‘hard won wisdom’ in ways that make the world a better place.

Fast foreword the clock, in my early thirties I left my corporate career to pursue a strong sense of calling to help people live more meaningful, rewarding and happier lives. I’ve now spent the last 15 or so years working around the world as a coach, speaker, facilitator and author (Make Your Mark is my fourth book) helping people expand their vision, rewrite their ’stories’ and confront the fears that too often drive us to sell ourselves short and deprive ourselves (and others) of the mark that we are each born to make.

Make Your Mark was actually inspired from the Live Brave programs I began running a few years ago in response to what I felt was a growing need for busy people to take ’time out’ from the hustle of their daily life to reignite their passion, reconnect with their purpose and reset their “life compass”. Because not everyone can make it along to one of my programs I wanted to write a ‘guide book’ that would help people who felt stuck, at a cross roads or just looking for fresh direction to sit with the big questions of life that we too often fail to reflect upon as I believe that the answers we are looking for are already inside us. We just have to ask better questions and take a look at how we are looking at life. Hence Make Your Mark is a book to be read with an open mind and pen in hand.

Make Your Mark Margie Warrell

What does living a brave life look like to you?
For me a brave life is about continually challenging myself to show up more authentically and daring to do more than I think I can in the service of a cause bigger than myself. It’s abut laying our pride and vulnerability on the line for something more important. And it’s about trusting in ourselves more deeply that no matter what unfolds for us, we can handle it and emerge from it stronger and wiser.

Of course being brave means many different things at different times in our lives. Deciding to have my fourth child felt very brave at the time. But more often being brave can show up in the small daily choices, like sharing something with a friend when we’re afraid how we may be judged, risking rejection or even just saying no to an invitation despite the fact we know someone wants us to say yes.

What do you hope your readers will get out of reading Make Your Mark?
I hope it will help them to connect to a deeper sense of purpose in their lives and to create a bold and compelling vision that really inspires them (even if it scares them.) But I also hope that it will help them embrace their innate ‘enoughness’ as I see so many people spending so much of their lives trying to please and prove themselves because, deep down, they feel they are not enough in some way. Finally I hope that by finishing the book and doing the exercises they’ll have a game plan that will help them step into (and stay) in action. Hence why I made it a ‘guide book’ because it’s not just about ideas and feeling good, it’s about actually changing what you are doing so you can enjoy more of whatever it is you most want — whether to create an amazing career or build a brilliant relationships or pursue a dream you’ve long been putting off.

What is one change everyone can make today that will make a huge difference to their lives?
Take five minutes every day to reflect on the question: What would I do today if I were being brave? And then not waiting until you feel sure or confident or certain or brave before you take action toward what it is you want more of in your life.  IN other words, spending a little more time simply “being” so that you can be far more effective in your “doing!”

What’s one dream that’s still on your bucket list?
To meet Oprah and share my message with the millions of people whom trust her wisdom.

What stationery item can you not live without?
My daily planner!

Discover Make Your Mark here.

How to Plan your Wedding + our New Wedding Workshop

Your wedding is such a special time. This is your moment to really commit yourself to your partner and make life-long promises in front of your family and friends. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we now offer even more beautiful wedding tools and accessories to make every second count.

Our new Always & Forever Collection has been given an extra-special update with new pieces including our Photo Booth Set, Celebration Bunting, Leather Luggage Tag and Well Wishes Jar. Don’t worry, we still have our classic Guest Books and Wedding Notes, plus a new Wedding Planner to help you get organised in style.

kikki.K Wedding Stationery

Of course, planning a big day to perfection inevitably brings stress, which is where our new Wedding Workshop comes in. Join an inspiring group session in store to learn all of our favourite tips and tricks to creating an unforgettable day.

We’ll cover the basics including budget, guest list and locking in key dates. We’ll also encourage you to visualise your dream day and guide you through how to turn it into a reality, with styling tips, practical advice and more. But more than that, we’ll help you practise mindfulness during this busy time and help you stay connected to what really matters by adopting a positive mindset.

This is such an exciting time in your life and we’re thrilled to play a small part in your big day. Discover our Always & Forever Collection here.

Our Team’s Favourite Mother’s Day Gifts

When it comes to Mother’s Day, we think it’s really important to celebrate all the wonderful lessons she has passed on. From inspiring us to reach for our dreams to helping us find the courage to be ourselves, mum has always been there guiding us along the way.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift celebrates all the times mum has been a source of wisdom and inspiration. It also gives us the opportunity to give back and inspire mum in turn. We asked some of our UK Team Members to tell us about their mums, as well as the gifts they’ll be giving this Mother’s Day.

Giulia – Team Member, Covent Garden

What’s something your mum has given you?
My mum was not the stereotypical Italian mother, teaching me how to cook, but she taught me to be free, to live my life, follow my dreams, and to never let someone put me down because I can be whoever I want. She’s encouraged me to work from a young age, and she’s really proud of me.

What are you giving your mum for Mother’s Day?
A kikki.K tea cup and milk jug, plus the large inspiration candle are perfect for some ‘me time’ – and the Leather Essentials Envelope Clutch, monogrammed with her initials. It’s bright – just like mum’s personality!

Anna – Supervisor, Covent Garden

What’s something your mum has given you?
Mum has given me the belief that it’s far more rewarding to put others’ needs ahead of your own – whenever someone is sick or in need, she is there within minutes with a casserole, a fruit cake, and a shoulder to cry on.

What are you giving your mum for Mother’s Day?
This year, I’m giving my mum the Dreams Journal and pen from our Inspiration Collection. I’d love to see my mum take more time to focus on herself, and start to realise all the dreams that she has put on the back burner while she raised three children. I’m also going to treat her to a monogrammed Leather Travel Wallet and Luggage Tag to inspire her to travel more now that we’ve all moved out of home – and my sister and I are on different continents!

Monogrammed Leather Travel Wallet

Roxanne – Team Member, Covent Garden

What’s something your mum has given you?
My mother has inspired my love for writing. She has also taught me about happiness.

What are you giving your mum for Mother’s Day?
One of the lessons my mother has taught me is the importance of taking a moment and deciding what is best for you, whether it be a heathy meal or takeout; a jog or a movie night in. For this Mother’s Day, I would choose the Happiness Journal from the Inspiration Collection. I would love for my mother to be able to look back at exactly what makes her happy.

Feeling inspired? Find more unique and inspiring Mother’s Day gifts here.