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Be Inspired to Plan your Dreams and Goals – Q&A with Jordan Clark

We love seeing how kikki.K fans are using their favourite products, so we asked the amazing Jordan Clark to show us how she was inspired to use our new Life is Wonderful Refillable Leather Notebook. Jordan has built a passionate community who love seeing her bullet journal ideas, letter art and organisation tips. Find out how she is using our latest Notebook to plan her dreams and goals in her video and short Q&A below.


Jordan Used…

Leather Refillable Notebook
Leather Notebook Refills
Decorative Tape
Paper Clips
Mini Wooden Pegs
Porcelain Jewellery Dish
Porcelain Trinket Box 
Sticker book
Metal Rollerball Pen
Coloured Permanent Markers
Adhesive Notes
Life is Wonderful Collection

Do you enjoy keeping a journal? What are the benefits you have found from doing so?

Yes, I love keeping a journal! I’ve kept a journal ever since I was a child, and have loved being able to look back on all my memories that I otherwise would have forgotten over the years. I also love journalling as a way of relaxing at the end of a long day! It helps calm my mind and reflect on everything that happened.

Which different ways did you use this refillable notebook?

I used the refillable notebook in several different ways! One way was to make gratitude lists at the end of each day in order to reflect on what I appreciate. Another way was to plan some of my goals, so each day I know what to do to work towards them! And finally, I used the refillable notebook to sketch and doodle whenever I wanted a little break to be creative!

How did you enjoy the flexibility to create a set-up personalised to your life?

I absolutely loved being able to set up the journal however I wanted! I like having the freedom to switch things up when I get bored, or whenever I want to try out something new. I also loved being able to separate things into the different notebooks inside the journal!

Tell us a little about your daily routine. How do you ensure you make time for the things that make you happy?

Since I work from home, having a routine ensures I’m able to achieve all the goals I’ve set for myself. Morning is my favorite time of day, so I like to wake up early so that I have lots of extra time for drinking coffee, reading, and taking things slow before I begin my work.

The number of hours I work varies each day – I often end up working late into the night because I’m so excited about the project I’m working on! To make sure I have time for things that make me happy, I schedule a day or two each week that are completely open, so I have the freedom to do whatever I’d like! This gives me a break from my usual work and allows me to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

What stationery item can you not live without?

I can’t live without at least a few notebooks! I’m always jotting down ideas, sketching, or making lists- so I love having a collection of notebooks to keep everything in!

If you’re inspired to pause and take time to discover your own wonderful life, grab our latest notebook and start your own journey to creativity today!

Never Stop Dreaming Big

Did you know, that over 50% of adults avoid dreaming big in fear of failure, and that 70% of adults admit that their dreams were more limitless as children?

Learning of this, we took the time to speak to a group of people, children and adults alike, about dreaming. It became pretty clear, that even comparing responses to two key questions – “What’s your biggest dream” and “What was your dream as a child?” – that for some reason as we grow up we seem to lose the child-like ability to dream without constraint.

When do we stop dreaming like the sky’s the limit… of having the powers of our favourite superheroes…or doing things like money is no barrier?

We want people around the world to recapture that. To dream like anything is possible. Like absolutely nothing or no one can stop us from achieving what we truly want.

So, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Join us and let us inspire you to start dreaming again, and live the life of your dreams. #101MillionDreamers #kikkiKDreamLife

5 Ways to Make the Most of your Diary

‘What gets scheduled gets done” Our Workshops consultant Sue Glasser shares her top tips on using your diary, planner or calendar to take back control of your time.

Did you know that one of the top 3 new year resolutions is to GET MORE ORGANISED?

Using a diary or planner effectively will allow you to take back control of your time and ultimately help you get more organised. Below are a few tips on how to do just that!

  • Let’s start with some questions:

Do you purchase a diary each year and use it for a few weeks and then lose interest?

Do you have a planner and use it as a time keeper only?

Is your to do list turning into a “never get to do” list?

A diary or planner should not only be used to include your current and future appointments, assignments or project deadlines ( a time keeper) but it should also include all the tasks that need to be done in order to prepare for that appointment, assignment or project.

Ever heard the saying “Something you can do anytime – you will do no time? ”

Always set a deadline to achieve a task because WHENEVER will become NEVER.

Are you a list maker? The best way to ensure we get things done is by allocating our TO DO list into our diary or planner.

Remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed by how much you need to get done you will not do anything at all. Break things down into bite sized pieces. Every big job is only a lot of little jobs put together – so tackle them one task at a time.

  • 5 top tips on making the most of your diary or planner

1. What gets scheduled gets done. If you want to do something make sure it has been allocated a time in your calendar.

2. To do lists are just a lot of things you ” might “get to unless each task is scheduled into your diary.

3. Colour coding is your best time management tool. Colour code your “spinning plates” to easily distinguish what needs to be done and when in each area of your life. eg: Work – BLUE, Family – GREEN, Me Time – PINK, Goals – ORANGE

4. Plan, prioritise and schedule your tasks – Decide what needs to be done to achieve a task. This is your action plan. Decide which order they need to be done in and then  make sure each step is allocated into your diary. Break all jobs down into manageable amounts of focused time.

5. Multi tasking is a myth as it means you are doing many things reasonably well. This then makes us feel unaccomplished. Single tasking means you are focusing on one job at a time and completing it. How much better is that?

Feeling inspired to take back control? Discover our 2019 Diaries here.