How To: DIY Paper Christmas Trees

Paper Christmas Tree

With Christmas just around the corner, get inspired to add a little festive style to your home or workspace with these fun DIY Paper Christmas Trees.

Discover how to recreate your own below.


Double-sided Wrapping Paper
• Pencil
• Wooden sticks
• Blue-tack or glue

How to create DIY Paper Christmas Trees: Tools


Download the template for your circles here, then print and cut out the circles. You should have three circles to make one Christmas Tree. Use the circle templates to trace circles onto your Wrapping Paper, then cut these out.

How to create DIY Paper Christmas Trees: Step One


Fold your circle in half, then unfold and fold in half the other way. Repeat this four times until you have 8 folded segments.

How to create DIY Paper Christmas Trees: Step Two


Your folded circle should look like the picture above.

How to create DIY Paper Christmas Trees: Step Three


Then pinch the edges of each segment to fold together as in the picture above. This can be a little tricky so take your time.

How to create DIY Paper Christmas Trees: Step Four


You should now have your layers of Christmas tree ready for assembling. They should look like little mountains.

How to create DIY Paper Christmas Trees: Step Five


Carefully cut off the very tip of each layer with your Scissors.

How to create DIY Paper Christmas Trees: Step Six


Then, thread each layer onto your wooden stick. Make sure the biggest circle is at the bottom and the smallest is at the top. Secure these to your sticks with glue or blue-tack.

You’re finished! Add a little pile of snow beneath your trees and sprinkle some on top for a sweet DIY white Christmas.

How to create DIY Paper Christmas Trees by kikki.K

Our Top Tips To Organise Your Christmas Cards In Style

Christmas Cards

I absolutely love writing cards, especially at Christmas. It’s the perfect time to stop for a moment, reflect on the year and thank loved ones for being a part of the journey. Just the simple act of putting pen to paper and sending love to friends and family can make such a difference to their day and to my own.

I’ve put together some tips below to help inspire you to plan ahead to ensure you enjoy the special act of handwriting Christmas cards and share the Christmas joy with loved ones this year.



Kristina Karlsson
kikki.K founder & stationery lover


1. Make a list of all Christmas card recipients

This is the first thing I always do. I love to use my Christmas Organiser and make a list of all the people I’d like to send Christmas cards to. Then it’s as simple as writing, sealing, sending and ticking off!

2. Buy or make your Christmas Cards early

I like to choose my Christmas cards in October and early November so that I don’t miss out on my favourite kikki.K designs and I can get started writing in advance.

Don’t forget to buy your stamps now too! Avoid long lines at the post office in December and purchase your stamps ahead of time. That way you have everything you need to just seal, stamp and pop them into a post box.

3. Set some time aside each week now

The holiday season is always a busy time of year. Rather than waiting until December to start your Christmas Cards, set a little time aside each week to start now. Tick off five cards (or more!) a week, then, when December 1st arrives simply post them off to friends and family and tick that task off your Christmas To Do List.

I believe there’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten letter, so make time for this beautiful activity and get started today.

Shop Christmas Cards online here.

Christmas Cards

Two Ways With Our DIY Advent Kit

Advent Calendar

Celebrate the arrival of the festive season and get creative with this fun DIY Advent Calendar Kit.

This stylish kit includes 12 small Gift Bags, 13 medium Gift Bags as well as Gift Tags and Mini Wooden Pegs. Create 25 Christmas parcels full of fun treats, and open one each day throughout December to build excitement in the lead up to Christmas.

Perfect for loved ones at home or to celebrate the holiday season in style at the office. Read on to discover our favourite treats for your Gift Bags…

Our favourite Advent Calendar Kit fillers…

• Delicious stationery
Fill small or medium bags with pretty and practical stationery love. Our favourites include Pens, Pencils, Paper Clips, Adhesive Notes, Stickers, Page Markers and more. Shop stationery online here.

• Baked treats
What’s not to love about home baked Christmas treats? We love baking fresh Pepparkakor and adding little bundles of these into the treat bags. Find a recipe for traditional Pepparkakor on the blog here.

• Quote Cards
Inspire loved ones to follow their dreams and live the life they want to live with beautiful Quote Cards. Add different quotes to separate days and add to other treats for an inspiring solution.

• Fun Activities
Mix up treats with fun activities. Put pen to paper in a Christmas Card and write an activity to enjoy together. Seal in the matching envelope, then slip into one of the Gift Bag. Find a list of fun Christmas activities on the blog here.

Once you’ve filled your Gift Bags with gorgeous treats, discover two ways to style your Advent Kit…

1. Create a truly unique Christmas Tree

Turn this fun DIY Advent Calendar Kit into a unique Christmas Tree perfect for those short of space. Attach each individual gift bag to the wall in the shape of a Christmas Tree using paper tape or removable double-sided tape, then peg on the Gift Tags and fill with treats.

2. String up with twine for a sweet hanging feature

The grosgrain ribbon handles on the festive Gift Bags make them perfect for hanging along twine on your mantelpiece, wall or Vision Board. Simply string up some twine then peg in numerical order. Simple and stylish.

What are your favourite treats to include as Advent Calendar fillers? Share with us below!

Ensure your Advent Calendar is ready for the Christmas countdown and shop the DIY Advent Calendar Kit online here.

Christmas DIY Advent Kit

Christmas DIY Advent Kit

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Customise your kikki.K Planner: Part Two Live Bright Theme

Customise your Planner

Continuing with the stylish Live Bright theme, we’ve customised the monthly and weekly layouts in our kikki.K Personal Planner for stylish everyday organisation.

Watch the video here to see it come to life and read on to discover how to recreate in detail.


• Lilac Leather Personal Planner
• 2015 Large Time Planner Diary Refill
• Daily Notes Pad
• DIY Sticker Book
• Quote Cards Set of 12
• B5 Printed Notepad
• Adhesive Note Set
• Sticker Sheet 2pk
• Kontor Rollerball Pen
• Adhesive Dots
• Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set
• Greeting Card & Envelope
• Round Paper Clips
• Scissors
• Hole Punch

kikki.K Personal Planner in lilac leather

Monthly Calendar in kikki.K Leather Planner and Stamps


Your kikki.K Personal Planner includes a perpetual calendar, which means you can start using it whenever you like. To customise your Monthly Calendar, cut two strips of patterned paper from your B5 Printed Notepad and stick these across the bottom. Add in the month and year at the top with your Wooden Alphabet Stamps, then fill in the dates.

Start adding in your upcoming appointments, events and schedule and use the stickers included with your Personal Planner as well as the Sticker Sheet 2pk to add a little shine. Add Adhesive Notes with extra notes or reminders to your pages and finish it off by stamping a sweet message across the bottom of the month on your patterned paper – we stamped ‘amazing month ahead’ to remind us to enjoy the journey.

kikki.K Planner Customised Weekly Layout with Gift Tags


Add the 2015 Large Time Planner Diary Refill to your Planner to enjoy a handy weekly calendar for 2015 then decorate your weekly layout in style with these simple tips and tricks. First add the long border stickers from your DIY Sticker Book to the left page. Finish this side off by adding a flag sticker too, and some small Gem Stickers from your Sticker Sheet 2pk.

On the right page, take your Daily Notes Pad and cut out sections of this unique pad. We cut out ‘Today’s brightest moment’ and the water intake counter. Stick these onto your page so you can fill them in when the day arrives.

Add a few stickers from your DIY Sticker Book, then punch out two Gift Tags and attach these to the corner with a Gold Paper Clip.

kikki.K Planner with Customised Weekly Layout and Quote Card


Before you turn to the next week, take one of your favourite Quote Cards from your Quote Card Set and hole punch this, then add to your weekly spread. Beautiful and the perfect way to be inspired daily.

Customised Weekly Layout of kikki.K Personal Planner


Create another fun weekly layout by turning your Adhesive Notes into stylish flags. To do so, simply cut the ends of your Adhesive Notes in a flag shape and stick these to the top of your pages, alternating between colours.

Don’t throw out the cut offs – add these to your pages too. With the words ‘To Do’ and ‘Love’ on them they’ll make the perfect prompters to help your organise and celebrate throughout the week.

Finish off your beautiful week with a few stickers from the Sticker Sheet 2pk and DIY Sticker Book.

kikki.K Personal Planner with Customised Weekly Layout and Envelope Insert


We love to celebrate the little things which is why we turned a simple Envelope into a fun insert for our Planner. Simply hole punch, then add a label sticker from your DIY Sticker Book – we labelled it ‘Happy Moments’ however you can choose to label it however you like.

This envelope is perfect for storing memorabilia, mementos, photos and more to remind you to enjoy the little things. You could also hole punch the Card and add this into your Planner too.

What’s your favourite way to customise your Planner? Shop kikki.K Planners and Planner Accessories online here.