How to Decorate your Cute Diary for School

Get set to start a new school year with positive vibes and a whole heap of cuteness with our 2019 Cute Diary. Watch our video for creative ideas on how to decorate yours with some of our favourite products, and let’s make 2019 your best year ever!

We used…

2019 Cute Diary
Mini Weekly Planner Pad
Cute Paper Lover’s Book
Soft Stickers Sheet
Adhesive Notes
To Do List Pad
Pom Pom Paper Clips
Large Paper Clip
Greeting Cards
Rotating Stamp and Ink Pad
Everyday Ballpoint Pens

Create a weekly to do list

Your diary should be your go-to tool for all your tasks and everyday organisation. Keeping track of what’s coming up each week is simple with our adhesive Mini Weekly Planner Pad. Simply fill out your major weekly tasks, tear off and stick to the first page of your diary each week for quick reference. We used stickers from our Cute Paper Lover’s Book to add a little extra personality – but you could use any stickers from kikki.K, or simply let the adhesive pages do the work for you. The best part is, you can simply replace your list whenever you need to!

Make a note of key dates and deadlines

The best way to start a new year is to go through your diary and make note of any important dates, birthdays, holidays and other important events to ensure you’re well prepared. Taking the time to do this properly at the beginning of the year will save you time each month and ensure you don’t miss anything. Be sure to continue to add in any major dates as they year progresses – assessments, assignment deadlines and other special events that will pop up.

To mark important dates and events in our diary, we’ve used a variety of stickers and cut-outs from the Paper Lover’s Book and Soft Stickers Sheet as well as Adhesive Notes, To Do List Pads, Pom Pom Paper Clips, the Large Paper Clip and even one of the oh-so-cute Greeting Cards from the Cute Collection. But our all-time favourites for marking important dates is the Rotating Stamp and Ink Pad Set, which includes a rotatable rubber stamp and ink pad with the following messages and designs:

    • MONDAY
    • FRIDAY
    • SUNDAY
    • XOXO

Save time by keeping your diary up to date

Make more time for the things you love by keeping your diary up to date. Proper organisation is the key to working smarter, not harder. Taking 10-15 minutes each day to make sure all your notes are copied into your diary and your to do list is up-to-date will save you time in the long run. Keep everything coordinated as you put pen to paper each day with our adorable Everyday Ballpoint Pens.

Remember to enjoy each moment

Being organised is the first step in inviting more balance and calm into your days, but it’s also so important to embrace each moment and have fun as well. The beauty of this Cute Diary is that it’s packed full of little reminders to pause and enjoy life. As your year progresses, remember to stop and be grateful, consider all the things that bring you joy and note them down. Decorate your pages as you go with all the wonderful products in our Cute Collection.

Embrace a little sunshine each day with our 2019 Cute Diary and make this year one to remember!

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How to Decorate your Sweet Planner

Attention planner lovers: We think this might be our sweetest planner yet! Discover our favourite ways to decorate yours and embrace the benefits that come from slowing down, putting pen to paper and reconnecting with what matters. Watch our video below for inspiring ideas on how to customise your planner and make it your own.

We used…
Personal Planner
Sticker Book
Sticker Sheets 2pk
Everyday Gel Pen
Quote Cards Set of 10
Greeting Cards
A5 To Do List Pad
Embroidered Paper Clips
Adhesive Notes 2pk
Pencil Case
Mini Stationery Kit

Add some daily inspiration

Spend time thinking about how you’ll decorate your planner to suit your needs and your personality. Then, add your own unique touch with your favourite products from our Sweet Collection. The Quote Cards Set of 10 in this collection are not only beautifully designed but are full of inspirational words of wisdom – perfect for decorating the tabs of your planner. Choose your favourite characters from the adorable Sticker Book to attach quotes throughout.

Sweet Collection

Take control of your schedule

Keep on top of your schedule with the functional and beautiful A5 To Do List Pad available with this collection – and feel the satisfaction of ticking off each item as you accomplish it. Write everything down using the Everyday Gel Pens in this range – they’re the perfect partner for your new planner. Create a feature of your to-do lists and attach them to your planner’s monthly or weekly calendar pages with the irresistible Embroidered Paper Clips.

Mark important appointments, dates or events in your calendar by highlighting them with characters from the Sweet Sticker Sheets. This collection includes a wonderful assortment of hand-drawn designs, perfect for customising your planner and marking any occasion.

Prioritise your daily tasks

Give a special touch to your daily tasks and be inspired to focus on your top priorities by decorating the inside To Do pages of your planner. We’ve used a selection of stickers, Adhesive Notes and even some of the unique Greeting Cards from this collection – specifically the Ray of Sunshine sunglasses-shaped greeting card.

Stay organised and celebrate the little things with our latest Personal Planner. Tap into your imagination and customise yours to suit your style and be inspired to live your best life every day.

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Enjoy this Free Paper Bow Downloadable

Paper Bow Downloadable

Ever wanted to know how to make a DIY paper bow? Here’s how! This adorable bow is one of our favourite projects from our new Ultimate Paper Lover’s Book so we’re sharing this free downloadable. It’s so simple to create a gorgeous paper bow of your own. Use yours to decorate wrapped gifts, on your vision board, or to place anywhere it will make you happy!

Enjoy your free downloadable paper bow template here

How to make a paper bow

5 Reasons to Love Paper

Introducing the kikki.K Ultimate Paper Lover's Book

With our smartphones almost an extension of our physical bodies these days, there’s something refreshing about putting pen to paper. Not only is it a simple act of disconnect from the screen, but writing helps us to re-connect in ways that are near impossible behind a screen.

To celebrate the launch of our new Ultimate Paper Lover’s Book, I wanted to share a few reasons why I LOVE putting pen to paper:

Clears the mind

We all have moments when it feels like we have 100 tabs open in our minds, and it’s near impossible to switch them off. A simple technique to clear the mind is the act of ‘mind dumping’ each morning. As soon as you wake, write down every single thought, to-do, worry or concern from pen to paper. It needn’t make any sense – the purpose of this exercise isn’t to write a story, but rather to clear your head of the mental ‘clutter’ we often start our days with. Know that everything is now captured on the page should you need it (although it’s likely once it is out of the mind, the stress will automatically alleviate) and carry on your day with far less tabs opened.

Clarifies our goals

There is something incredibly powerful in writing down your goals. The practice of journaling on your dreams and visions allows you to get crystal clear on what it is you want to achieve. Once written on the page, you are then able to build out action items to literally bring your goals to life. It’s one thing to dream big – but another thing entirely to OWN those dreams by listing them and getting to work!

kikki.K Ultimate Paper Lover's Book

Reconnect with your soul

The act of free-writing is a beautiful tool to reconnect with your soul/life purpose. Simply take your pen to the page and let it write for you. Free-writing allows you to tap into your deep potential and innermost thoughts and desires without the fear of judgement we often hold ourselves back from. Start with the following prompts if you’re stuck:

What would I do if fear didn’t exist?

What does my soul desire most right now?

kikki.K Ultimate Paper Lover's Book

Creative outlet

Writing is a beautiful form of creative expression. When we write creatively, be it poetry, song writing or another form of creative writing, we enter the flow state which is key for cultivating a positive life outlook. And before you say ‘I’m not creative!’ – just give it a go. Write a story for a loved one, or even start with writing how your day was. What emotions came up for you today? Try to take the pressure out of it being perfect by just starting. Remember no one has to read it but you.

Never miss a beat

There’s nothing like having a pen and paper handy for those random moments ideas flood to you – maybe you’re on the bus, at the office, or in the car. Knowing you have your brainwaves captured is perfect when it comes to productivity – because you are no longer lost in trying to remember what it is you want to be working on, seeing as it is all captured for you!

What’s your favourite way to put pen to paper? Discover our Ultimate Paper Lover’s Book here.


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