Recipes to Celebrate Swedish Misdommar (Midsummer)

Celebrate Swedish Midsummer with these party styling ideas

Summer in Sweden is a wonderfully magic time, and is celebrated in all its glory by Midsommar celebrations across the country. In the height of summer, the sun only sets for an hour or so in the south of Sweden and, in the north, it doesn’t set at all. So as you can imagine, days full of sunlight, compared to the darkness of winter, call for a celebration and that’s exactly what Midsommar (Midsummer) is – a much-loved Swedish tradition that falls on the Friday between 19-25 June.

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Inspire Mum With Some kikki.K Love This Mother’s Day

While we’re all adjusting to a change in daily routine and rhythmns of working from home, it’s important that we still make time to pause and connect with loved ones the world over and celebrate the small and big milestones that happen along the way.

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Working from Home? Simple Ways to Cultivate Happiness & Stay Positive.

March 20, is International Day of Happiness, a day designed to connect us all and a day to check in and ensure we’re doing everything we can to look after not only our happiness but the happiness of our loved ones and the world. The United Nations theme for 2020 is ‘Happiness For All, Together’ and although most of us are working from home, practising social distancing or following advice to stay home, there are still so many ways we can cultivate happiness and maintain a positive mindset during these extra challenging times. Here are our top 10 below:

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