Bonus Exercise: Your Yearly Reflection – Kristina Karlsson Guides You Through Her Annual Reflection Exercise in Preparation for a Wonderful New Year – Your Dream Life Podcast

As a special treat for you, our wonderful podcast listeners, and to mark the end of another year – and the end of a decade! – we’re bringing you a BONUS episode featuring the Yearly Reflection Exercise that Kristina does every year. Designed to encourage you to pause and take some time to reflect on the year that was, so you can focus on a wonderful year ahead.

So, grab a pen and your journal or a notebook, and find a comfortable space. If you have Kristina’s Your Dream Life Starts Here book, you can follow along using the exercise on page 92. If you have the Dream Life Journal, you can refer to the exercise on page 60, and if you have the Audio Book, you can refer to the exercises in Chapter 5.

But don’t worry if you don’t have any of the above, as you can download an exercise sheet for free, right here!

You can also simply work along with a notebook or journal – just choose whatever works for you.

We hope you’ll find this exercise as useful as Kristina does to reflect deeply on the year you’ve just had.

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“I find it so important to look back on the past before thinking about all the things you want to achieve in the future.” Kristina Karlsson

“Sometimes it can also help to go back and ask yourself these questions again and again, to ensure you capture everything down on paper.” Kristina Karlsson

Taking the time to reflect and consider what you want to achieve in life is vital as you work towards living the life of your dreams, whatever that may be.

And with a New Year and New Decade approaching, there’s no better time than now!

Once you’ve listened to this episode, and reflected on your year and what you’d like to focus on for next year, why not take a listen to Kristina’s 101 Dreams Podcast Episode as well. It’s the perfect way to start you thinking about the life you want to live. You can listen here>


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