Be Inspired to Reflect with our 52 Weeks Journal

There are so many benefits that come from writing in a journal. It can help us to make the most of every week and embrace the power of reflection and self-awareness. That’s why we’re excited to present our new 52 Weeks Journal. Use it to celebrate highlights, explore possibilities, recognise challenges and learn throughout your journey.

Each week, choose the same day and time, and set aside a few minutes to reflect on the week just passed. Consider what was great about it and what was challenging. How did it make you feel? What did you achieve? Were there any surprises? Who made your week wonderful and what did you learn?

52 Weeks Journal, kikki.K

Through reflection, we foster greater self-awareness and this allows us to recognise our thoughts and emotions, and how these are manifested through our minds and bodies. When you stop to consciously think about your week – the things that went well and perhaps the things that didn’t – you’re able to learn from your experiences and use those learnings to grow and evolve.

We hope you enjoy your new journalling tradition! Share your progress with us using #kikkiKLove on social media.

Discover our 52 Weeks Journal here.

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