Axel Karlsson-Lacy’s Back to School Picks

When it comes to stocking up for a new school term, we thought we’d ask someone who knows exactly what kids need. Axel Karlsson-Lacy is kikki.K founder Kristina’s son and a massive stationery lover himself. We asked him to pick his favourite pieces and share his tips for getting organised for school.

Here’s what Axel’s loving…

Axel's Back to School Picks

Glass Water Bottle

“My personal favourite is the Glass Water Bottle. I love it because it’s so cute and it fits perfectly in my school bag.”

Study Planner

“My secret to homework success is to do it the day I get it wherever possible. This Study Planner is really cool and helps me keep track of my assignments. My one tip to staying organised is to focus on 1 thing, not 100. I got that advice from mum!”

Axel's Back to School Picks

Pencil Case

“I love the avocado design. In my pencil case I keep erasers, pencils and a sharpener so I have everything I need.”

Lunch Box

“I always keep a lunch box in my school bag and this one is perfect for the new school year!”

kikki.K Lunch Box

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