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Instagram Print Ideas

If your mum is in love with all things Instagram, she’ll really appreciate a set of our Instagram Prints by Create with kikki.K this Mother’s Day. After all, beautiful images and special memories are even better when they’re printed out and you can experience the joy and tactile nature of them. Using our easy editor, you can upload your favourite photos straight from Instagram or simply upload them from your device. There are so many ways you can style or gift these gorgeous prints including these sweet ideas to get you inspired just in time for Mother’s Day.

Personalised Greeting Card

Personalised Greeting Card

Share the fun and create a cute, unique greeting card this Mother’s Day. This stylish card is so easy to create. Simply fold an A5 piece of card in half and use a craft knife to cut little slots to attach your Instagram Print. If you don’t have a craft knife, you can always affix your print with our gorgeous Glitter Tape. Write your message inside and watch as your mum’s eyes light up on Mother’s Day.

Accordion Photo Keepsake

Accordion Photo Keepsake

This accordion photo album is really striking and looks great displayed around the home or on mum’s desk. To get started, choose a series of gorgeous family photos for your Instagram Prints. Once you have your prints, fold them along a line approximately 0.5cm away from the bottom of the image to ensure you have an equal border on each side.

Fold every second image in the opposite direction, so some are folded towards the image and the others folded away. Using our Adhesive Dots stick the folded section on to the top of the next Instagram Print and repeat until you have an accordion.

Gift Tag

Gift Tag

We love making our gifts extra special by adding finishing touches that really bring some wow factor. For this Gift Tag, we’ve attached an Instagram Print using string and a Mini Wooden Peg. Add a small succulent or flower to complete the look.

Feeling inspired to gift mum a beautifully unique present? Get started by ordering your Instagram Prints here.

Win A Gorgeous Mother’s Day Prize

Mother's Day Competition

Mum does so much for everyone else so it’s time to show her how special and cherished she is. To celebrate the launch of our Dear Mum collection, we’re giving you the chance to win a beautiful prize pack for you and your mother to share.

Between Tuesday 14 April and Friday 1 May 2015 we’re asking you to share a gorgeous nostalgic photo of the two of you. It could be from an early birthday or a special holiday. We’d love to see photos that really capture that gorgeous feeling and special bond that comes from time spent together. Then tell us why your mum deserves an extra special treat this Mother’s Day in the post comment.

Mother's Day competition prize pack

Your prize pack will include a selection of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts as well as a Create With kikki.K voucher to make your own personalised gift. We’ll be picking our favourite entry to win this lovely prize worth over $350

Here’s how to enter:

To be in with a chance of winning, simply share a photo of the two of you on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter & Instagram

1. Make sure you’re following @kikkiK_Loves (Instagram) or @kikkiK (Twitter) and that your account is set to public.

2. Upload an original nostalgic photo of you and your mother.

3. Add a caption explaining why she deserves to win as well as the hashtag #kikkiKMothersDay


1. Make sure you like our page here and that your post is set to public.

2. Post an original nostalgic photo of you and your mother to Facebook.

3. Add a caption explaining why she deserves to win, tagging @kikki.K

Your photo could be an original photo or you could print one out and style it. Here’s what yours could look like:

Mother's Day competition

Once we’ve chosen our favourite, we’ll comment on the chosen post letting you know how to claim your prize.

With any delicious competition, there are terms and conditions. Read them below before entering.

Terms and Conditions: Entries will be judged on fulfilling all requirements of the entry mechanism including creativity, originality and representation of the kikki.K brand and one winner will receive a prize pack worth over $350. For your entry to be received, your Instagram or Twitter profile, or your Facebook post, must be set to public (not private); Entry is open to residents in all countries of all ages, excluding kikki.K staff.

All participants must upload a photo to Instagram – entries made via tagging old photos will not be included. Entries close at 11.59pm AEDST on Friday 1/5/2015. If you’ve been selected to receive a prize, you will be notified via Twitter response or Instagram or Facebook comment and asked to contact kikki.K via a special email address. We’ll try to send out the prize as soon as possible but we cannot guarantee all participants will receive theirs in time for Mother’s Day. By entering, you are also giving kikki.K permission to repost your image on their social media channels as an example entry.



Healthy Habits for your Desk

Svenska Hem Collection

Embracing health is a choice we make each and every day. That’s why we believe having the right tools and motivation is incredibly important to more mindful living. Choosing to surround yourself with beautiful homewares and stationery that encourage and motivate you is the first step to making positive changes to your life. These are some of our favourite ways to use our new Svenska Hem collection to encourage healthy habits as you work.

Choose the right snacks

It’s so easy to grab a sugary or fatty snack during the day. Ironically it’s at times when we’re tired and busy that we need to look after our bodies the most. Keeping healthy snacks on your desk like nuts and fruit are a great way to ensure the food you eat during the day is nutritious and healthy. Use our Canvas Bags and Nesting Bowls to keep healthy snacks within easy reach to keep your energised and feeling amazing.

Take a Break

There’s nothing better than taking ten minutes away from your desk to clear your head and improve your positive energy. It’s also essential for giving your eyes a rest if you stare at a screen all day. Place our stylish copper Karlsson Clock on your desk to remind you to take that all important break every few hours. Walk around the block, make a cup of tea or do some simple stretches to wake you up and help you refocus. When you get back, you’ll find you’re able to approach the task or project with more energy and clarity than before.

Svenska Hem CollectionBe Inspired

We all need to be reminded why we started every now and again. Thinking about the unique things that are important to you and make you happy during the day is a great way to boost your positive energy. Whether you place photos on a Vision Board or add a gorgeous Quote Card to your desk, having visual aids will help you stay calm, focused and motivated as you work.

Drink plenty of water

Did you know that our bodies need at least eight glasses of water a day? Keeping our Glass Water Bottle on your desk is a great way to make sure you stay hydrated during the day. If you get bored of plain water, why not add a few slices of lemon or mint leaves for a tasty treat? Plus you can use our Teapot to brew some beautiful herbal tea to drink instead. Choose a green tea to give you an energy boost or cleanse and detox with mint or lemon and ginger blends.

Be inspired to create your inspiring and motivational workspace with our Svenska Hem collection here.

Svenska Hem Collection



Customise your Planner with our Mountains Collection

Customise your Planner with our Mountains Collection

If you’re a Planner fan, you’ll love our new Mountains collection, which has everything you need to add some colour and fun to yours. From our gorgeous Paper Book, which has hundreds of DIY ideas to our Printed Notepad, Magnetic To Do List, Vision Board Kit and more, you’ll find everything you could want to brighten up your Planner. To inspire you to share the Planner Love, we thought we’d share some of our favourite ideas.

Try some paper craft

Try some paper craft

From geometric prints to cute illustrations, Our Mountains Paper Book is full of gorgeous paper designs that you can do almost anything with. One of our favourite ways to get organised is by creating a DIY envelope for the front of our Planner. Use this for receipts, notes, stickers or little scraps of paper to keep everything neat and in one place. You can see how to create a DIY envelope by watching our Planner video here. We also added a cute origami paper heart to the front pocket, decorating this with our Puffy Stickers because sometimes you need a little cuteness in your day.

Plan your days

Plan out your days

We love using stickers from our Paper Book to help us map out our calendar pages. Use them to mark important dates or special events so you can easily see them at a glance. Next pop out a little fox and attach to a Paper Clip for a fun and simply page marker. That way you won’t waste a second flicking through to the right date. A quote from our Vision Board Kit is a great way to remind you to stay positive and reach your goals. Use a hole punch to add this to your ring binders.

Create a to do list

Create a to do list

If you’ve got a busy schedule and lots to remember, our To Do List Pad is essential for helping you prioritise your time. Simply use a hole punch to attach this to any part of you Planner so that you can easily look at it and tick things off as you go. We also used the printed paper and an envelope from our Paper Book, as well as a sheet from our Printed Notepad, to decorate the divider tab.

Here’s what we used…

Dark Mint Large Personal Planner

Mountains Paper Book

Printed Notepad

Vision Board Kit

Paper Clips

Puffy Sticker 2 PK

To Do List Pad

Metal Twist Ballpoint Pen

Head over to our YouTube channel for more gorgeous Planner customisation ideas. Share your ideas using our hashtag #kikkiKPlannerLove.