The Power of Sharing Your Dreams

Your dreams can be big or small. They might take years or just days to achieve. The simple practice of dreaming is all about letting your dreams come to life, embracing your passions – your bliss – and falling in love with the feelings of excitement and possibility that they create. Whether your dreams are as big as a career change or as simple as creating more ‘me time’ for yourself, there are a few simple actions you can take to bring them closer to reality, and the most powerful one is simply to write them down and share them with others!

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2020 Pt. 2: Follow Your Bliss – The Next Chapter + Free Resources

The challenges this year has delivered so far, leading many of us to spend more time at home, can also be seen as wonderful opportunities to reflect and learn, and focus our energy on the future – and the incredible possibilities it may hold.  It’s a time to consider our purpose, channel and nurture our passions and work on achieving our dreams.

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Podcasts to Inspire During These Uncertain Times

As many communities around the globe continue to live through Covid-19 lockdowns and tough restrictions to their everyday, we’re sending so much love and support to everyone. One thing the kikki.K team have embraced during these uncertain times is listening to some of our favourite inspiring podcasts, to help us stay positive and mindful during these ever-changing times.

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Creative, Mindful & Fun School Holiday Activities For Everyone + FREE Downloadable!

Keeping the family entertained during school holidays can be a challenge at the best of times, and with the extra layer of Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions thrown in for some, we’d all be forgiven for reaching for digital screens as a solution. But, if you’d prefer to keep the family offline, we’re here to help with some of our favourite go-to activities that are 100% screen-free, 100% creative, and 100% guaranteed to help keep everyone entertained – even if you’re stuck indoors at home these school holidays.

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