The first taste of our gorgeous new ‘Own Your Days’ collection, the Everything Planner is here and designed to help you do, well – everything! We here at kikki.K believe that when it comes to planning your time effectively, the key is to have a planner that truly works for you, and that’s where this wonderful new Everything Planner comes in. With an undated monthly and weekly design, you can start it at any time and dedicate it to any specific area in your life that could use a little organisational ease.

Ready to bring an Everyday Planner into your routine? Here are 5 ways we are loving using our Everything Planners to live our best lives!


Overhaul Your Pantry With These Simple Tips And Tricks

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction you get from walking into a well organised pantry! One of the great silver linings for many of us spending more time at home in the past year, was the time it gave us to get creative in the kitchen and give an extra bit of love and attention to the spaces we spend the most time in every day! And if you haven’t already – now that we’ve hit the mid-way point in the year you have the perfect opportunity to take a step back and reorganise your life , ready to take on the second half of the year!

We’ve jotted down some of our favourite tips and tricks to giving your pantry a little overhaul and equip yourself with all the best inspiration and tools for homemade happiness.

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7 Simple Ways You Can Start Journaling Your Way Today

As many of us continue to adjust to life at home, creating a new normal and routine for ourselves, and managing our way through challenging times throughout the world, it’s important to keep doing things that make us feel good and help us to look after ourselves, and each other (from a distance of course!). And while there are many activities available to us, something the kikki.K team believes can help us through difficult times is simply putting pen to paper and writing down whatever is on your mind! We’ve been inspired of late by all the journaling our kikki.K community is doing too, so we’re sharing some favourites with you.

Journaling is a technique that can truly enhance your everyday and gives us a special moment to press pause from the outside world, and take a moment to look within and focus on ourselves. While it may seem daunting at first, the great thing about journaling is that you have the freedom to embrace your own creativity and make it an experience for you to explore anything your heart desires! Sounds good but still don’t know where to start? Let us help you feel inspired with some of the different ways you can put pen to paper through journaling.

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Your Australian Local Travel Guide: Explore Byron Bay With Jason Grant

Travel may look a little different for many of us these days, but embracing that wonderful out-of-office feeling is never fully off the cards!  For those looking to set their out-of-office status to ‘relax and explore’, then the must-see Aussie destination of Byron Bay has to be right at the top of your kikki.K Bucket List! In this small town on the north coast of New South Wales, you’ll find the likes of surfed up locals through to Hollywood stars, all chasing the laid-back pace, beautiful beaches and unique shopping and dining experiences that Byron is known for.

While Mr Jason Grant often wears many hats – interior stylist, creative director, author, designer and more, it’s his title as Byron Bay local that holds a special place in his heart. We’ve asked Jason to take us through his Bryon Bay experience, giving you some insight into all the essential information and hidden gems that travellers need when visiting this little spot of paradise!

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