Explore the beauty of Mindfulness

Explore the beauty of Mindfulness

In today’s busy, technology filled world, it can be so easy to get overwhelmed with constant distractions and notifications. Mindfulness is a beautiful practice that encourages us to pause, live in the moment and pay attention to the little things in life. From taking more care over what you eat to being more aware of your thoughts and feelings, embracing mindfulness can have a huge effect on your overall wellbeing and sense of calm.

Explore the beauty of Mindfulness

By focusing on one thing at a time, we can come back to the present moment. This allows you to move forward with better positivity and productivity. That’s why we’ve created our Mindful Colouring collection, which encourages you to focus on the repetitive act of doing one simple task to let your mind relax and refocus. You might find that taking a few minutes out of your day to use the Mindfulness Colouring Book will clear your mind, boost your creativity and let you move forward with greater precision and productivity.

Explore the beauty of Mindfulness

There are even ways to share the joy, with our Mindful Colouring Postcard Set and Greeting Cards. Why not send them to a loved one, encouraging them to relax and refresh with our beautiful hand illustrated designs?

We hope the new collection helps you welcome greater positivity into your day, inspiring you to live your dreams. Discover it here.

Get Creative with our Christmas Paper Book

Get Creative with our Christmas Paper Book

The holidays are the perfect time to take a moment out and spend some time reconnecting with the simple joy of pen and paper. There are so many ways to get creative; whether you’re decorating your home, wrapping gifts or making home baked treats for your loved ones. Our new Paper Lover’s Book has hundreds of stickers, tags, cut outs, printed paper, wrapping paper, DIY ideas and more so you’ll be sure to have everything you could want. To inspire you to get started, here are some of our favourite ideas.

Wrap your gifts

There are so many ways to make your wrapped gifts creative and oh-so-unique. Pop out the DIY Paper Bow, assemble and use to top your presents. Add to some Printed Paper Tape and finish off with a label from the Book.

Create a mini festive scene with our Paper Lovers Book

Create a mini festive scene

These easy-to-assemble paper Christmas trees are such a quick and easy way to add some festive fun to any space. Place them on your desk, your Christmas table or anywhere you want to celebrate the joy of the season.

Decorate home baked treats with our Paper Lovers Book

Home baked treats

There’s something so meaningful about sending your love with something you’ve made by hand. Whether you bake traditional Swedish pepparkakor or chocolate treats, it’s so easy to give them some wow factor by using the labels and tags from the Paper Lover’s Book.

Mini treat box

Have a hard-to-wrap little gift? The Paper Lover’s Book is full of little treat boxes and bon bon gift boxes. Simply pop them out and assemble for a gorgeous surprise or tree decoration.

Feeling the paper love? Discover the Paper Lover’s Book here.

Kristina’s Favourite Travel Essentials

I love travelling to my favourite cities all over the world. Whether it’s for work or for fun, there’s nothing better than discovering the culture, food and trends of somewhere new. Having my favourite travel pieces with me means I can make the most of my trip, staying calm and organised on the road as well as capturing those incredible memories.

Here are some of my favourites right now:

Leather Travel Wallet

I always take this gorgeous Travel Wallet with zip on long journeys. Having all of my tickets, passport, money and important documents in one easy-to-reach place makes travelling so much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Leather Passport Holder

For anyone who travels a lot, this gorgeous striped Passport Holder is a must-have. It keeps your passport protected from wear and tear and matches back beautifully with the Leather Travel Wallet.

Kristina’s Favourite Travel Essentials

Leather Pouch

Say goodbye to disposable plastic bags for your liquids at the airport. This clear Leather Pouch is the perfect size to store your carry-ons and makes a great makeup case too. I always pack mini versions of my beauty favourites like moisturiser and lip balm to stay refreshed on the plane.

Leather Travel Journal

Taking some time out on my trip to write in my Travel Journal is so important to me. It really helps me to live in the moment and take in every little detail. Plus there’s nothing better than looking back on all those precious memories for years to come.

I hope these travel favourites help you stay organised in style while on your next adventure.


Shop our Resferber collection here.


How to Decorate your Desk for Christmas

Be inspired to create a mini festive scene on your desk

It’s the perfect time to get into the festive spirit. Whether it’s hanging up some lights or indulging in some paper craft, it’s so much fun to create your very own winter wonderland at work or at home. We’re sharing our favourite ideas to instantly turn your desk or workspace into a gorgeous holiday scene.

You’ll need:

Paper Tree 2pk
Paper Star (in store only)
Copper Christmas Lights
Copper Display Box
Paper Garland
Instant Snow

Display your Christmas Cards

You’re sure to receive some beautiful cards from friends and family this year so why not make them a key part of your styling? Display a favourite on your Clipboard or in a Quote Card Stand and swap them out as you go.

Display your Christmas Cards with this fun idea for your desk

Add some lights

Our Paper Star comes complete with a light that shines from within to help you spread the joy. Hang yours above your desk and then add some pretty Copper Lights in your Display Box for a gorgeous design feature.

Celebrate with Instant Snow

No matter the weather, everyone can enjoy a white Christmas with our very special Instant Snow. Simply add water and watch it come to life. Use yours as a fun styling feature and as a base for your desk accessories like our Karlsson Desk Clock.

Karlsson Desk clock and Instant Snow

Make a mini festive scene

Our Paper Tree 2pk and Wooden Trees are perfect for placing around your desk to bring that festive feeling.

Finish with a Paper Garland

Finally add some your Paper Garland to complete the look, loving the way each piece comes together.

Feeling inspired? Discover our Christmas collection here.

Decorate your desk for Christmas with these fun ideas