Kristina’s Favourite Christmas Gifts

Growing up in Sweden, Christmas was always my favourite time of year and I love spreading that same excitement, fun and joy to my loved ones. To me, there’s nothing better than finding the perfect present for someone special and then watching their face light up as they unwrap their gift. To inspire you to spoil your loved ones this year, here are some of my favourite gift ideas.

kikki.K Teapot & Cup with Saucer

Svenska Hem Gift Pack

Taking some time out of each day to enjoy a simple fika (Swedish for tea break) is one of my favourite things to help me relieve stress and refocus. Lighting my favourite Scented Candle, I often take the chance to write a card to a loved one to let them know I’m thinking of them. I love the idea of inspiring someone special to do the same by gifting them the gorgeous Svenska Hem Teapot and Cup with Saucer, which features a gorgeous quote to add positivity to their day.

Kristina’s Favourite Christmas Gifts

Inspiration Journals

As a stationery lover, I’m a huge fan of encouraging my loved ones to put pen to paper. Our Inspiration collection is perfect for helping people do just that, exploring their dreams, goals, ideas and thoughts. Each Journal in the collection features activities, thought starters and quotes to help your loved ones focus on a different area of their lives: from Mindfulness to 101 Dreams, Gratitude and more.

kikki.K Personal Planner

Leather Personal Planner Ice Blue

A stylish Planner is a great tool for people with busy schedules who want to take control of their days. This Ice Blue Planner is one of my favourites and matches back beautifully with our blue Be Brave accessories as well as our Ice Blue Pencil Case and my favourite gold Metal Rollerball Pen.

Kristina’s Favourite Christmas Gifts

Stockholm Maja Bag

This is my favourite bag at the moment and I think it would make a great gift for any style lover. With soft, premium leather and compartments for all of your work essentials, it’s perfect for anyone who needs to take their laptop, notes and work essentials on the move. One of our gorgeous Travel Wallets would be perfect too.

Cute Diary Gift Pack for Christmas

2016 Diaries

What could be better than a gift they’ll love using each and every day of the year? Inspire someone to take control of their appointments, tasks, meetings and more with a kikki.K Diary. With so many different styles to choose from, it will be so easy to find the perfect one to suit their style. One of my favourite ideas is the Cute Gift Pack, which features our much-loved Cute Diary and accessories to match.

I hope these ideas help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.


Kristina Karlsson

Stationery lover & kikki.K founder

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kikki.K x K is for Kani

Blogger Connie Cao shows how she uses her Maja bag

We’re so excited to be collaborating with some of our favourite bloggers and influencers from around the world to see how they’re styling their new Stockholm Maja Bag. Sleek, minimal and made from luxurious, premium leather, it’s perfect for staying organised in style. We caught up with Connie Cao, otherwise known as K is for Kani, to see how she’s using hers.

Blogger Connie Cao shows how she uses her Maja bag

Connie’s must haves:

Maja Bag in Blue
The Happiness Project Book
Be Brave Adhesive Notes
Perforated Leather Travel Wallet
B7 Essential Notebooks: Cute
Slim Gel Pen 5pk: Cute

Blogger Connie Cao shows how she uses her Maja bag

What’s your secret to staying organised?

When it comes to running a blog and managing an online store at the same time, there are often many different deadlines, projects and clients to oversee at the same time. For me, my secret to staying organised and making sure all deadlines are met is to make sure you religiously use a diary, whether it be a paper diary or a digital one. Lately, I’ve been using both. My paper diary is used as a monthly, weekly and general schedule of everything planned out in advance which I later transfer onto my digital calendar into a day-to-day workflow calendar. It’s so much easier when you have everything written in and scheduled out in front of you so that you can easily flip through what needs to get done and also when you can take a break!

Blogger Connie Cao shows how she uses her Maja bag.


Why do you love your Maja Bag?

The Maja is a great extension to the whole staying organised concept as it keeps you organised when you’re on the go. My favourite feature of the bag would be the laptop pouch in the middle – it fits my laptop perfectly and is also handy for keeping important documents and papers crease free when you’re on the go.

Blogger Connie Cao shows how she uses her Maja bag


What is the one item you never leave the house without placing in yours? 

Probably a few pens (in those built in pen slots!). I always bring a pen with me no matter where I go because I always seem to need to reach for one whether it be for filling in forms or taking down an idea!

Get your Maja bag here.

Add Some Cute with our Mini Wrapping Kit

Add Some Cute with our Mini Wrapping Kit

There’s so much fun to be had wrapping and sending your gifts this Christmas. And now there’s even more fun to be had thanks to our super cute Mini Wrapping Kit. Whether you use it to send mini seasonal greetings to your friends and loved ones or as a finishing touch to larger presents, there are so many ways to get creative. Be inspired to use your Mini Wrapping Kit with our sweet video.

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Add Some Cute with our Mini Wrapping Kit

5 Tips to Improve your Everyday Cooking

kikki.K The Summer Table by Lisa Lemke

Here at kikki.K, we’re huge foodies and love nothing better than perfecting a new dish to share with our loved ones. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch a very special limited edition cookbook by one of our favourite Swedish chefs Lisa Lemke. To inspire you to try out the recipes in The Summer Table, Lisa is sharing some of her top tips for improving your everyday cooking.

The Summer Table by Lisa Lemke

Keep things simple, but delicious.

The one thing everyone can do to improve their everyday cooking is to make it easier! Don’t overwork your cooking, choose instead good groceries and let them do their magic when you don´t have much time to spend in the kitchen. And it is always a good idea to cook extra so you have a plan for the day after as well. You don´t have to serve the exact same dish as yesterday, but those leftovers could be a good start for an omelette, pasta, soup or something like that. Save the more complicated dishes for when you have time on your side!

Lisa Lemke

Plan ahead and keep an open mind

When I´m going to shop groceries I always start by checking what’s in my own kitchen. What do I actually already have in my freezer, fridge and pantry? And then I make some rough plans from this and try to keep an open mind when I get to the store. What looks best today among the veggies, the meat and so on? Take some time in the store and shop for a couple of days (and remember to plan for the leftovers!) instead of shopping in a stress every second day and maybe ending up buying stuff you already have at home.

Swedish berry tart

Have a go-to dish

Pasta puttanesca is a favourite both in time and flavour in our family, and it´s so convenient that you pretty much always can make sure to have everything you need at home It’s like a back-up-dinner! Another quick favourite is soup made from snow peas. You can do it the French way just with some garlic, onion, a dash of white wine (or vinegar or lemon if you don’t have wine at home) stock and some cream. Quick, easy and so yummy!

Get creative to feed your family on a budget

My number one tip for feeding a family on a budget is to focus on the veggies! And as I said before, plan for leftovers and most of all – use them! We are throwing away far too much food and the best way to do something about you kitchen budget is to stop putting food in the bin. Use your leftovers and be a bit creative, it doesn´t have to be boring eating leftovers! Last night we actually had friends over for a three course just made out of what we pretty much had in the fridge; leftovers and small bits and pieces.

Clearly label and store your leftovers

Invest in some good see-through jars and containers for the fridge and make plans for them. Don´t just save the ice cream-boxes or yoghurt-buckets where you forget your leftovers (because you can´t see what’s inside and then you forget it) I also always have either bags or containers in the freezer for when I get small pieces of fish or meat over. They are perfect for either fish soup or fish burgers, or Bolognese or a stew!  Another smart idea is to have a container for leftovers in the fridge which you mark for a certain destination, example ”frittata or omelette”, ”Bolognese”, ”pie” and so on.  There you can put in small bits and pieces which you get over from dinner. Like a small piece of cheese, a bunch of olives, a couple of boiled potatoes, a small piece of sausage and maybe some onion and peppers that you fried for last night’s fish dish. They will be the perfect start for a really nice pizza, pie, omelette or frittata! And by storing them in one and same container (and  marked with a ”use before date”) you lower the risk of forgetting about them before they go to waste.

We hope Lisa’s tips inspire you to get creative in the kitchen. Get The Summer Table here and discover our Love Food collection.