Advent Candle

In Sweden, we love to celebrate Advent and count down the days to Christmas. One of our much-loved traditions is the Advent Candle.

This special candle is marked with the numbers 1-25. Each day throughout December you light the candle and let it burn just until the next number. As the candle gets smaller and smaller, Christmas gets closer and closer.

I absolutely love enjoying this special tradition with my family each year and my children always look forward to it. We place the candle just near our Christmas tree and as the candle burns each evening, we love to stop for a moment and each say what made us happy that day.

You can shop our very own Advent Candle here and get ready for Advent now.

What are your Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear them.


Kristina Karlsson
kikki.K founder & stationery lover

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