A Little Inspiration: A Close-Up of Our Journals to Inspire Your Everyday

Our purpose is to inspire and empower you to live your best life every day. And no matter what you’re focusing on, no matter what bliss or dream you’re following, putting pen to paper as a first step is key. From mindfulness and goal setting to embracing gratitude and more, our Inspiration Collection of Journals and tools are your new best friends, and we’re giving them a special close up below. Choose one or explore them all, but most of all, enjoy the journey!

Be inspired to live your best life with one or all of our Inspiration Collection Journals.

Something powerful happens when you put your dreams down on paper. This journal is where you get  to dream about all the things you’d love to experience in your lifetime. Record all your dreams, (with space for 101!) as the first step towards making them come true. You’ll find sections to help you understand what you’re passionate about and what gives your life a feeling of purpose, plus space to create a beautiful mini-Vision Board for inspiration across all areas of your life.

This journal will prompt you to think about: What dreams do you have for your health? What about your relationships? What dreams do you hold for your personal development and your career? Dream big, record them all down, then you can begin sorting those wonderful dreams into the relevant short or long-term  tabs depending on how long they might take and where you are in your life right now. This journal is where you truly can dream without limitations. And you can edit, change and add to it whenever you like. Continue recording dreams each year and start living a life where you can look forward to them coming true.

Other dreaming tools we think you’ll love:

Your Dream Life Starts Here
Dreams Toolkit
Affirmation Cards

Also, don’t forget that when you share your dreams you’re so much more likely to achieve them! As many of you know, the simple act of Kristina Karlsson writing her dreams down on paper at 3am, and sharing them with her partner, Paul led her to start her own business – yes, kikki.K!

And now, another of her big, crazy dreams is to inspire and empower 101 million people around the world, just like you, to write down 3 dreams, and go chase them. So, don’t forget to share your dreams with us using the hashtag #101milliondreamers and be sure to tag @kristinakikkik and @kikki.K, or visit https://www.kikki-k.com/au/share-your-dreams.html to share them directly with the kikki.K team.


There is no question that you’re so much more likely to achieve your dreams when you commit them to paper (but you know that already!). By doing so, you begin to find ways to turn them into reality.  This journal has been created to help you do just that – recognise your dreams s – big and small – so you you can then turn them into achievable SMART goals ready for you to action.

This journal prompts you to envisage your dream life, where everything is exactly how you want it to be, and help you understand the steps you need to take to get there – the goals you need to achieve. Once you know the life you want to live, you can begin setting SMART goals to help move you closer to that dream life. With monthly tabs, you can begin to map out your goals for each month, no matter where you start your journey. Track your actions as you move through the year, and celebrate as you accomplish both short and long-term goals along the journey!

Other goals tools we think you’ll love:

Goals Toolkit

Weekly Goal Tracker Planner Refill

Weekly Goals and Habits Pad


No matter what is happening in our lives or the world around us, there is always something to be grateful for.  However, in saying that, gratitude is often something many of us tend to overlook. We spend time solving problems and overcoming obstacles, but how often do we take time out to celebrate the positives?

This journal is here to help you make that time. Use it to reflect on your day or week. What did you enjoy? What made you smile? It might be a person in your life that you’re grateful for or a moment you shared. It could simply be a great cup of coffee in the morning or watching beautiful clouds pass by. Let it remind you to enjoy the little things in life. Within the monthly tabs, you’re encouraged to take time to journal daily – somewhere you won’t be interrupted or distracted. It might be a simple ritual before bed each night or something you take with you to your favourite cafe. Whatever you decide, make a conscious effort to make gratitude become a part of your daily routine, and enjoy it!

Other gratitude tools we think you’ll love:

Gratitude Toolkit

Daily Gratitude Tracker Planner Refill


Pressing pause and taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate even the smallest moments in our day can have such a positive effect on our lives. This journal is here to help you learn ways to practise mindfulness in your
everyday which will, in turn, lead to a greater sense of awareness and
mindfulness over time. Learn how to live in the moment and allow the practice of mindfulness to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Featuring simple techniques to help you cultivate your mindful skills, this journal also includes monthly tabbed sections for you to record and reflect on your mindfulness journey.

No matter when you start, put pen to paper each month to check in with
yourself, recognise challenges, celebrate successes and practise all things
mindful. Journaling is a wonderful way to gain insight and self-awareness.
It can help you grow and learn as you explore mindfulness and recognise
the unique benefits it can have on your wellbeing and life. Let this journal teach you how to pause for a moment, and enjoy the benefits.

Other Mindfulness tools we think you’ll love:

Mindfulness toolkit

Daily Thoughts Journal

Happiness Journal

we all have the ability within us to embrace happiness, find the positive and smile – even during the most difficult of times. There is always something to learn from every situation and this journal is here to help you understand and experience more of the things that bring you happiness, so that you can find more joy in your life. Have fun filling out the exercises and learning how you can take control of your happiness and plan to be happy each day.
This journal will prompt you to think deeply about your life with questions like: How are your relationships? Where is your career at? How do you feel every day? Are you healthy? How much time do you spend on yourself and on others? Use the prompts and brainstorm ideas for the different areas of your life, what you already love and the things you’d like to change or improve.

Within the monthly tabs you’ll find space to set your focus for the month ahead, plan your time and reflect on the month just passed and note how it affected all areas of your life and, of course, your feelings of happiness.
Remember, your happiness is a journey – make it a priority each year to
embrace the positive and let go of the negative.

Other Happiness tools we think you’ll love:

Happiness Toolkit

Self-Care Toolkit

If you’re feeling inspired and motivated by the above Journals, our Inspiration Collection is full of many more supporting products we think you’ll love. Shop the full Inspiration Collection now and enjoy creating and living your best life everyday!

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