Seriously? There are only about 90 days left of 2021??!

I just love the last 3 months of the year… a little bit more than the others… because it’s such a great time to start reflecting and doing the work to set you up for the new year ahead.

In my experience, there’s nothing quite like hitting a new year ready to roll. Being clear on what you want to do for the new year when the year actually starts vs working it all out in the new year.

…which makes it THE perfect time – right now – to start setting yourself up for a brilliant year ahead. So, jump into the driver’s seat of your life with me in this episode and let’s explore how to do that, in simple ways.

Just what would it take for you to live your dream life in 2022 – whatever that means for you?

Here’s what I know. The very best place to start is to TAKE TIME OUT TO DREAM. To imagine it. To reach into your heart and visualise the year ahead that you want to create for yourself… and then put it into a simple road map and get on with making it happen – step-by-step…

Life is short – even if we get to live a long life. Don’t be like most people who get to the end of their life and regret that they were not living a life true to themselves.

Letting yourself dream, and then putting those dreams into action can be terrifying. The self-doubt, the fear of failure or the dreaded ‘imposter syndrome’ are just some of the things that sadly stop so many people.

But guess what? Not living your dream life is even more uncomfortable.

It’s a choice we all must make and I’d love to inspire and empower you to choose to dream – and to help you craft and create your dream life for 2022.

Enjoy this episode – and go on, consider joining me in my digital course to intentionally imagine, then creating a brilliant 2022 for you and your loved ones. Like many others who have done my course with me, it could be the best investment you’ve ever made. You are so worth it!

Dream Big!


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