A moment came in Daniel Chidiac’s life when he realised, he wasn’t living his truth. His work didn’t fulfill him, his relationships hurt him, and he was making choices that didn’t align with his true values.

And it was that moment that sent him on a path of learning, searching… and genuinely taking control of his own life.

In this week’s episode you get a front row seat on a wonderful conversation I had with Daniel exploring his journey from that moment and some of the key learnings he made – many of them documented in his wisdom packed book, Who Says You Can’t? You Do.

It was a conversation that was well timed for me. I’ve had some challenging things going on in my life recently and it was a conversation that helped lift me above my challenges and gave me a brilliant reminder on some of the basics that help us all navigate this up and down human experience.

One of the key take-aways for me was that human connection is so valuable for us all. Often, we need a little help. A little inspiration. Trusted partners and allies next to us on our journey. Connection with people and conversations that uplift, guide, and empower us to take steps forward.

I think you’ll find this episode ticks those boxes – and please, I love being of service to other people so feel free to share this podcast with your friends and lets spread light around a world that needs it right now – and have a look at my Dream Life digital course. It might be the guide and inspiration you need in your life right now.

It really is time for us all to reimagine a better world and life – and to Dream then Do.


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